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    2000pts Tzeentch Beasts of Chaos

    OK, well, here is a list I'm gonna be trying out in a few days.

    I've played with it at 1,500pts, and I've been fairly happy with it (it's pretty much the same, minus the lord and the chosen knights), but I'm not entirely certain how it will translate.

    A few thoughts would be helpful, so feel free to let me know what you think.


    Beastlord: 299pts
    Mark of Tzeentch, Armour of Damnation, Crown of Horns, Extra Hand Weapon.


    Wargor: 154pts
    Mark of Tzeentch, Crimson Armour of Dargan, Great Weapon.

    Bray-Shaman: 166pts
    Level 2, Bray Staff, 2 Dispel Scrolls.

    Bray-Shaman: 145pts
    Level 2, Staff of Darkoth, Chaos Armour.


    Beast Herd: 151pts
    12 Gor w/ 2 Hand Weapons. Musician, Standard, Foe-Render.
    8 Ungor w/ Spears.

    Beast Herd: 91pts
    6 Gor w/ 2 Hand Weapons. Musician, Foe-Render.
    6 Ungor w/ Spears.

    Beast Herd: 80pts
    5 Gor w/ 2 Hand Weapons. Musician, Foe-Render.
    5 Ungor w/ Spears.

    Beast Herd: 80pts
    5 Gor w/ 2 Hand Weapons. Musician, Foe-Render.
    5 Ungor w/ Spears.

    Warhounds: 30pts
    5 Chaos Hounds.

    Warhounds: 30pts
    5 Chaos Hounds.


    Centigor: 135pts
    6 Centigor w/ Spears and Shields. Musician, Standard.

    Minotaurs: 158pts
    3 Minotaurs w/ Great Weapons. Standard.

    Marauder Horsemen: 81pts
    5 Marauder Horsemen w/ Flails. Musician.

    Chaos Knights: 255pts
    5 Chosen Chaos Knights. Musician, Standard.


    Ogre Kingdom Ironguts: 144pts
    3 Ironguts w/ Great Weapons, Heavy Armour.

    TOTAL: 1,999pts

    So, there we have it.
    Let me know what you think guys, and thanks in advance =)


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    Lookin good -t

    Few minor changes to suggest.

    Drop the banner from the Centigor. Increase the minotaur by 1 and drop standard. Possibly add an Irongut if you can get the points from somewhere.

    Possibly loose the CAoD from the Wargor, i dont think its that brilliant, and HA + Pelt of the Dark young gives you magic resistance, so maybe think about that combo.

    Oh, and finally, get the points off those Warhounds dude! Call yourself a mod

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    I agree with all the comments by deceiver. 8Y

    In addition:
    -could you get a staff of change with the lord? it changes the face of your magic phase!
    -would you like a more offensive setup for the armoured shaman? maybe give him goretooth instead of the staff: imo the wild call is too high to cast, for what it does (since beasts already move a lot)
    -i've got a big fear for your knights. Maybe could you mark them tzeentch to buy a blasted standard?

    I know you can't get the points to do everything, so take these as mere suggestions

    It's better, it's shiny, it's warped...it's Chaos.

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