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    2150 Tournament List

    This is the tournament (and legal) version of a list I submitted earlier. I have played 3 test games so far and all have been total massacres! That being said I have only had the oppurtunity to fight other chaos armies. One of the suprising components has been how incredibly effective Lore of the beasts has been with this army.

    So heres the list

    Gothor the Beastlord (comes with all marks)
    Gothor's Chariot

    Bray Shaman 2nd lvl (Lore oF beasts)
    Spell familiar

    Bray Shaman 2nd lvl (Lore of Beasts)
    Power Familiar

    x4 Beastmen Chariot

    Beast Herd (ambushing)
    7 gors 8 ungors full command

    Beast Herd (ambushing)
    7 gors 8 ungors full command

    6 warhounds

    5 chosen knights of Slaanesh

    Chaos warrior chariot Mark of Tzeentch

    4 minotaurs mark of nurgle, light armor, great weapons

    x3 Fiends of Slaanesh

    What kind of armies do you see me having a hard time against? I thought a heavy calvary force would be rought but the Fiends do an excellent job of pinning them in place for the 1/2 turns I need to get my chariots/knights/minotaurs/ into a good position. And my thought is that gun lines would have to many targets to contend with not to mentioning 2 ambushing herds of beastmen.

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    The Beast Herds are a little small to have banners i think, so loose those. Fo ambushing units they are a little large however, so id say drop them by a few numbers each.

    Add a Scroll to the Shaman with the Spell Fam, could come in handy to protect your lightly armoured from the odd potentially devastating spell. Another unit of Hounds would be nice too.

    As for difficult armies to face, the list is fairly all round so should be pretty good at facing most things. Magic heavy offensive (Tze, HE) may be a problem though.

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