This is take 2 of my anti monster list. Basicly I'm trying to maximise the Beasts strengths in anti infantry and ambushing, and minimise their weakness, which is basicly heavy armour and big monsters. Here's the list to start with:

L - Great Bray Shaman
Level 4, Horn of the Hunt, Chaos Armour, Bray Staff

H - Wargor
Mark of Tzeentch, Heavy armour, Enchanted shield, Great weapon, Crown of Horns

H - Bray Shaman
Level 2, Braystaff

H - Wargor BSB
BSB, Mark of Nurgle, Heavy Armour, Prey Seeker,

C - 23x Beastherd
7x Gor, full command

C - 16x Beastherd
8x Gor, Full Command

C - 17x Beastherd
8x Gor, Full command

C - 10x Beastherd

C - 10x Beastherd

C - 5x Hounds

C - 12x Tzaangors
Mark of Tzeentch, Musician

C - Chariot
Mark of Nurgle

C - Chariot
Marl of Tzeentch

S - 3x Minotaurs
Mark of Chaos Undivided, Geratweapon

R - Chaos Giant

R - Chaos Giant

TOTAL - 2249

OK, so here's the plan:

Ambushers: Basicly, the only Herd NOT ambushing is the 23 strong one, the other 4 ambush. The BSB will also be ambushing with the 16 strong Herd, and with Prey Seeker and the Horn of the Hunt, has a damn good chance to get where they're needed. I plan to cause as much havoc with these guys as I can, with combi charging from the front and behind. Also, the Mark of Nurgle means I have no problem ambushing at least one Herd against a Fear causing army. I'd probably still try the whole lot, and just hope to pass thos LD checks with the rest....4

The 23 strong Herd acts as a Bodyguard unit for the Great Bray and the Tzeentch Shaman and/or the 2nd Bray. I zould use the Tzaangors as a body guard unit if I had to though.

I have no Doubt the next army book will be mixing mark, like how the WoC book will do it, but this one is legal as is, with a MoCU General, and the Tzaangaor and Chariot allow the other two marked characters. Tzaangors are there as they are part of the 2k list to bring in the Marked character.

The Antimonster element come into a few areas here. First is the lore of Beasts on the two Brays. I'm basicily gunning for Beast Cowars. Next is the Giants. Between 'Yell and Bawl' and 'eadbutt', plus the fact there's 2 of them, I'm in with a shot at it. Finally, the Ambushers are part of it too. My army is going to split up into 2 parts, and so I'm hoping if there's something big and nasty flying around, he can't be everywhere at once.

Cheers for any replies,