This is my very first BoC list. Im a long time Dwarf General and wanted to go in a different direction. These are all the models I have, which is the reason for the weird point number.
I’ve given all the units, everything they could have, to bulk up the point costs, until I get some more models.
So my question is, is this playable?

Wargor – MoK (Goes alone)
Addional HW, HA, The Fur of Sharrgu*, Horn of the Great Hunt = 148

Bray-Shaman – Undivided**
Lvl 2, Braystaff, Chaos Armour***, Dispell Scroll = 151

Beast Herd – 11 Gors, 8 Ungors (Bray-Shaman goes here)
FC, Shield for Ungors = 152

Beast Herd – 12 Gors, 8 Ungors (Ambush)
FC, Shield for Ungors = 159

Tuskgor Chariot = 85

Warhounds of Chaos – 5 (Ambush) = 30

Warhounds of Chaos – 5 = 30

Centigors – 5
FC, Shield, Throwing Axes = 145

Total = 900

PD = 4
DD = 4

* = Am I allowed to have Heavy Armour and the Fur, or does the Fur count as ‘’Body’’ Armour?
** = Does the BoC also benefit from the new Chaos rules, such as, if your general has the MoK, your other units are not obligated to take MoK or Undivided?
*** = Im only allowed to have 1 Chaos Armour in the army, as it is magical, right?

The hounds that are not ambushing will screen the Herd.
The Wargor will stray near the unit, trying to stay away from fast units, until he is ready to be used.
The Centigors will be on one flank, with the chariot on the other, trying to avoid Bolt Throwers.
Took the MoK because of the extra DD rather than making him go frenzy.