3000 Friendly Khazrak Army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    3000 Friendly Khazrak Army

    Ok After finding out my last army was an illegal flop, I started from scratch and got this.

    Khazrak The One-Eye

    Doombull (MoS, Crown of Horns, Axes of Khorgor)

    Wargor (Shield, Slaanesh, Chaos Armour, Sword of Battle, MoS)

    Bray-Shaman (Braystaff, lvl 2 Sorcerer, MoS, Dispell Scroll X2)

    Beast Herd X6 (5 Gor, 5 Ungor, Standard)

    Beast Herd x2 (5 Gor, 5 Ungor)

    Beast Herd (15 Gor, 5 Ungor) Wargor's Unit

    Beast Herd (8 Gor, 5 Ungor, Standard, Musician) Shaman's Unit

    Warhounds (7 Warhounds)

    Warhounds x2 (5 Warhounds)

    Beastigor x3 (10 Beastigor, MoS)

    Beastigor (14 Beastigor) Khazrak's Unit

    Centigor (10 Centigor, Standard)

    Centigor (6 Centigor, Standard, Musician)

    Minotaur (5 Minotaur, 5 Great Weapons)

    Minotaur (4 Minotaur, 4 Additional Hand Weapons) Doombull's Unit

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    two things bout the list

    The Doombull cant have anything but magic weps

    And Khazark with bestgors isnt to good as hes able to put everyone with ambush into ambush not just half including himself you should try to maximise his specail rule try getting a bsb with pray seeker(i think its called been awhile since i read the book) for re-rollable ambushers and maybe even a staff of drakroff(again forgot) to get one of your ambushers to charge as soon as they came in hell if you cast it on khazark unit he gets 1+ strength for the successful casting thanks to his armour. You can improve this again by making the same shaman cast bears anger on the unit to still further his strength

    i personally like Foe renders as well as the improved strength and leadership is always welcome but thats just me
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