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    Need a little help

    hi ya folks

    the other night i had a few beers to many and bought some beast off the web

    now i have never played beasts ( i play lizards now the new lizard book is out its time for a change)

    so i have no idea what works and what doesnt.

    i have bought

    3 shaman
    3 worgors
    morgor i think
    doom bull
    40 gors
    24 un gors
    5 charoits
    3 trolls
    4 ogers
    10 centigors
    10 dogs
    any ideas on a list that would be grate as i have never played chaos before or fought against them.
    any thing i need to make an beasts army work
    thanks lee

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    First off beasts are a really fun army to play. Right now it's really tough to play. Our options have been greatly reduced since the release of the new Daemons and Warriors of Chaos books came out.

    Second, Beasts are tactical army. You pick and choose who you fight, where you fight, and when you fight. The only 100% right list/army/style is however you feel comfortable, whatever feels right to you. So you have a good solid group of figs to start with. As you play you'll have to feel out what you're missing. Maybe you want to have some extra hounds running around the table or an extra spawn or something else.

    Oh and welcome to BoC!

    2 x Beast Herd: 8 gor, 12 ungor Full command, gors 2hw, ungor just spears pts: 2 x 139

    4 x Chariot 1

    2 x Centigors 5, Music pts: 2 x 91

    2 x Hounds 5

    1 x Trolls 3

    4 x ogres w/HvArm+shd music, pts 174

    Wargor, BSB, HvArm Pelt of the Dark Young pts 114

    Wargor GW Chaos Armor 74

    Shaman BrayStaff scroll 106 (Lore of Beasts)

    Total: 1489

    With what you have this is what I'd go with. Areas I would change. Get some more ungors. Always want to have a bunch of those guys. In the heards I put on the table during deployment I like to have 8 gors and 13 ungors. Simplely because an unharmed herd needs to take 6 deaths to get a panic check. More ungors give you a cheaper way to get rank bonus and out number.

    To make use of the ambush rule I use heards that are 5 gor, 5 ungor or 6 and 6. Always with a champ for the LD boost.

    Personally don't use ogres, I'd use the minotars w/GW instead. They do the same job, powerful flanker, but do it better.

    Trolls can be fun, but it's hard to use them when they are stupid and your generals LD is 7.

    Spawns are great tar pits. I always use mark of Slannesh so they get the extra movement so they end up where they need to be. This is a great model to make yourself. I made 10 of them from melting sprue together and then adding arms legs heads, and other bits into a ball o' death.

    Giants = awesome.

    Hope this helps. Again that's the list I would go with, that's the direction I would go to expand the army, but fill it out in the way that feels right to you. Have fun!
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