Here are my first two attempts at a 2250 pt BoC list. Please comment on the pros/cons of each list as well as which you like better and why. Thanks for all comments.


Lord: Beastlord w/ MoT, hvy. armor, Slaughterers Blade, Crown of Horns-311 pts.

Heros: Wargor w/ MoT, BSB, Goretooth, Chaos Armor, Tal. of Prot.- 205 pts.

Shaman w/ 2nd lev, Staff of Darkoth- 135 pts.

Shaman w/ 2nd lev., scroll, braystaff- 141 pts.

Core: 2x20 Herd 8 Gor/12 Ungor

4x5 Hounds

19 Bestigor w/ MoT, champ, st. bearer, Warbanner- 297 pts.

Special: 3x3 Minotaurs w/ grt. weap., MoT- 474 pts.

Rare: 2 Spawn

3 Dragon Ogres w/ grt. weap., lgt. armor- 237 pts.

TOTALS: 2248 pts., 97 models, 16 PD, 7 DD + 1 scroll


Lord: Great Bray Shaman w/ MoS, 4th lev., braystaff, Chaos Armor, Chariot(MoS), scroll, Crown of Horns- 416 pts.

Heroes:Shaman w/ 2nd lev., Staff of Darkoth- 135 pts.

Shaman w/ MoS, 2nd Lev., braystaff- 136 pts.

Wargor(General) w/ Horn of the Great Hunt, Enchanted Shield, Biting Blade, hvy. armor- 114 pts.

Core: 2x18 Herd 6 Gor/12 Ungor w/ musc., champ- 230 pts.

3x5 Hounds

10 Bestigors w/ MoS, champ, musc.- 158 pts.

2 Chariots

Special:3x3 Minotaurs w/ grt. weap.- 414 pts.

Rare: 2 Spawn w/ MoS- 150 pts.

3 Dragon Ogres w/ grt. weap., lgt. armor- 237 pts.

TOTALS: 2250 pts., 81 models, 10 PD, 6 DD+ 1 scroll

The first list is a bit more straightforward. Blast with magic and charge. The second list is more finesse. The Darkoth shaman will be in a herd and both will be in ambush. Horn will help them come in where I want them and then Staff can charge one into combat. Slaanesh shaman for messing with opponent movement. So there it is, my first attempts. Please let the comments flow.