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    new beastmen, new ot the army

    Doom bull 235
    heavy amour 12
    great weapon 15
    steel-claws 35
    ramhorn helm 15
    slug skin 30
    many limbed fiend 20

    Ghorgon 275

    Ghorgon 275

    5 ungor raiders + champ 36

    5 ungor raiders + champ 36

    morghur 280

    4 razorgors 220

    4 minotaurs 220
    Great weapons 32

    or should i go withe something more fun and a lil more fluffy like

    2x23 gors additional hand weapon and FCG

    2 bray-shaman powerstone and des[e;; scro;; each

    2 wargor additional hand weapon one horn of great hunt one horn of first beast

    4x7 warhounds

    7 centigors plus ghorros


    10 ungor raiders

    2x5 scouting harpies

    any advice on either list would be helpful and appreciated

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    Well, those are two very different lists there

    With the first, the Doombull's great weapon is wasted, as he must use the Steel Claws when ever possible. However, I know it'll be a real pain to convert, and there is a chance the Claws are destroyed by magic or something, so it's not the end of the world. I certainly wouldn't want to have to cut up a nice model like that! Perhaps the Brass Cleaver is a better bet - attacks aren't random, and when fighting infantry (tipped to become much stronger in 8th ed) your Doombull is going to have 10-11 attacks!

    With the Minos, make one 5 strong the Doombull will join (he gets look out sir this way) and the other goes to 3 strong to work on flank charges, etc. Between the 5 strong minos, and the Razorgor, you'll have a good centre

    The Second list looks cool - good variety. I'd get yourself a Great Bray Shaman with power stones. Try your hand at summoning a Ghorgon or Jabber from a table edge. WIll help against certain gunlines and monsters. Also, you have a list that large monsters should have a good time battering around. You can slot in the Hunters Spear for some insurance against large targets, or get really good at guessing with that single Cygor! Monster hunting is actually one of the reasons I will be running 2 Cygor.
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