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    My 2K Magicky List - Friendly - All bound Items

    I want to try out the Skull of Rarkos and the new lore so here is my attempt at a list. I also put every bound item in the book in here. With the exception of miscasts this should be fun to play at least!


    Great Bray Shaman - Lvl. 4
    Lore of the Wild
    Skull of Rarkos
    Hagtree Fetish
    Power Stone
    Add'l Hand Weapon


    Bray-Shaman - Lvl 2
    Staff of Ravening
    Lore of the Wild

    Bray-Shaman - Lvl 2
    Skin of Man
    Lore of Shadow

    Great Weapon
    Heavy Armour
    Horn of the Great Hunt


    10 Bestigor w/ Full CC

    3 Minotaurs w/ Bloodkine
    Stone of Spite


    15 GOR w/ Add'l HW

    10 Gor w/ Music

    10 Ungor w/ Music

    5 Raiders w/ Music

    x2 - 5 Warhounds

    6 Warhounds

    2 Tuskgor Chariots


    x2 - 10 Gor w/ Add'l HW & Music

    10 Ungor w/ Music

    5 Raiders w/ Music

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    Looks like fun. Only thing I might change is Lore of Beasts for Lore of Shadow so you can get your mits on Bear's Anger.

    With my first magicy list I'm going to take this guy, B Sham lvl 2 Tals of Prot, Jag Dagger, Many Limbs, 2hw Lore of Beasts 157. Put him in a gor unit, cast Bear's Anger on himself, "point towards enemy" and generate extra power dice." That will give him 3 str 3 attacks without the spell, 5 str 5 attacks with Bear's Anger. If he get's to re-roll attacks that should generate an extra 2 or 3 power dice :-o

    Not saying take him or not, but I wanted to share :-D
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