Ok what do you think.. 2250 exactly:



Shaman (L2, Hagtree, Skin of Man)




24 Gor (2hw) ((6x4))

10 Raiders

3 Minotaurs (gw)

5 Harpies

19 Bestigor (Slug here) ((5x4))



Setup is have a solid line with Bestigor, Gor, 3 chariots, big things, Mino. Use the 3 chariots as a unit triple charging units trying to break via impact hits. Harpies and Raiders are on flank duty. Put slug in the Bestigor unit and try to position that in the center of the line so his start of game ability has the most effect.. (if you havent tried this guy, do it, you'll enjoy the look on your friends face when he starts to remove his models before the game even starts). The shaman scouts in a forest, and Malagor flies up with him, take shadow magic on the L2 and either Death or Shadow for Malagor, and have them both fly around as able and cause havoc behind the enemy lines (pew pew). One idea I had with Malagor is take beasts if I had a specific guy I wanted to kill on turn one.. prime example - whoever Fateweaver (Lord of Change special character) he's really weak in combat.. so fly Malagor to your L2 shaman, cast the first spell of beasts on Malagor, then use the L2 to spell 1 of shadow him into the guy, 40 inches of flying on turn one! and with that spell he's S6 T6 5 attacks.. against that guy, the demon is in for a huge shocker (well any solo character would be imo). Just one of the few tricks I've thought of on how to use this guy.. I love him lol.. (if anyone else has any ideas on how to use him as well feel free to say, I'd love to hear)

I'm going to play again Thursday but I'm going to use 2 Ghorgons instead of the Cygor, and use them as a single unit as well where able to charge both into the same unit and totally destroy them. (I picked up 2 1980s Keeper of Secret models, the one that looks like a bull.. 4 arms, 2 normal 2 clawlike things, great to use as a Ghorgon imo so I wanna try that out) I may think about trying 2 Jabbers and fly them around with Malagor, heck while I'm at it.. (not serious ((though could be fun)) idea list.. be gentle lol)

Malagor, Slug, Shaman L2, Chariotx3, 55 Raiders (divided into 10 units of varying size, half ambushing, half moving up flanks), 10 Harpiesx4, Jabberx2 2245 points.. who needs a front line anyway..