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    My 2250 Tourny List

    I took this list to a tourny last weekend and figgured I would post it to give people an idea the sort of list I play, and as always, I am open to suggestions to improve it.

    At the tourny I got a solid victory against a dwarf army, 2nd game I got tabled by a savage orc list (was mainly because of obsenely good rolls on my opponents part, but it happens), 3rd game I played to a 14point difference draw against tomb kings, and the final game I massacred a Slannesh themed Warriors of Chaos list.

    Beastlord - 241
    Heavy Armor, Great Weapon, Shield, Crown of Horns

    Wargor - 146
    BSB, Heavy Armor, Shield, Gnarled Hide, Ramhorn Helm

    Gorebull - 218
    Heavy Armor, Great Weapon, Chalice of Dark Rain

    Bray-Shaman - 127
    Dispell Scrollx2, Additional Hand Weap


    Gor Heardx20 - 185
    full command

    Ungor Raidersx8 - 51

    Ungor Raidersx8 - 51

    Tuskgor Chariot

    Tuskgor Chariot

    Warhounds x5


    Minotaurs x4 - 256
    Additional Hand Weapons, Stanard

    Minotaurs x3 - 229
    Great Weapons, Standard

    Bestigor Herd x18 - 281
    Full Command, Manbane Standard



    Total 2250

    Beastlord and BSB go in the bestigors, make a nice deathstar type unit. Gorebull joins the Great weapon minos, Shaman joins the Gors. One ungor raider unit ambushes.

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    im fairly sure you just called a bestigor unit a death star? its a bit of an anchor unit with stubborn ld9 with a reroll, but i would wager my doombull on his own could break that unit.

    i dont know quite to say about the list in general, it seems well mixed. but atm you have 1 major threat turn 1/2 to shooting armies, 3 threats total to most armies, the jabberslythe has no support, nothing else to try and help split enemy fire, and not enough magical defence to keep it alive, it cant even rely on t6 to keep it alive, so a good firey blast or equivelent may be enough to do 5 wounds in 1 hit, personnaly would go with cygor or ghorgon, forcing your enemy to split theyre fire between 3 units at the same time instead of 1 then 2, of couse any good general will do this reguardless, but it could help you keep everything alive until turn 2 or 3 atleast...

    i dont know what it is it just doesnt seem to have much other than minotaurs that can kill stuff
    Fantasy : Empire, Chaos Warriors, Chaos Daemons, Vampire Counts, Beastmen, High Elves, Lizardmen( but i have opinions on every army just not the money)
    40k: Black Templars, Imperial Guard, Dark Eldar, Tau (thinking of Eldar)

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