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    2000 point new beastmen army comments please

    Here are my cloven ones comments appreciated.

    heavy armour
    Enchanted shield
    Stone Crusher Mace (with the magic weapin will he beneifit of the +1 to the armour save for hand weapon and shield or not?)
    Ramhorn helm 342 points

    Great weapon
    Heavy Armour
    Gnarled hide 197 points
    Bray shaman
    lvl 2
    Shard of the herdstone 160 points
    Bray shaman
    lvl 2
    Dispel scroll x2 160 points

    16 Gors
    Full command
    Additional handweapons 153 points
    9 Ungor raiders
    Musician 57 points
    9 Ungor raiders 54 points
    5 Chaos warhounds 30 points

    12 Bestigors
    Full command
    Gouge horn (sword of striking) 199 points
    (Doombull in this unit)
    3 Minotors
    Full command
    Great weapons
    Shields 251 points
    (Gorebull in this unit)
    6 Harpies 66 points
    Razorgor 55 points

    Ghorgon 275 points
    Army = roughly 1999 points

    The idea i tried to get was to have hard hitting units. The besitgors benefiting from the Doombulls frenzy giving them 2 attacks each, the gouge horn 3, all with strength 6 hits! Such a powerful unit makes them a target so by creating another one increases the chance of doing more damage and not getting picked on The second unit being the minotors with the Gorebull, again the minotors benefitting from frenzy and getting more frenzied further into the battle from bloodgreed! i tried to give the characters and minotors a low armour save so with high toughness should be difficult to defeat, hence the shields with great weapons. Finally a Ghorgon should be able to handle himself, so 3 powerful units backed up by a little magic and if anything, annoying units. These being the Ungors and Gors etc. Harpies should deal with war machines and the Razorgor with its toughness of 5 being a pain in the flanks with the chaos warhounds.
    What does anyone think?
    Please comment

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    Few tips and things to bear in mind.

    8th edition is released in 4 days and will bring back a return to percentages so you will need to double check your break downs for this. After a quick count you need 20 points less heros, 200 points more core and 70 points less special.

    Another though is that your army is very small without much mass to soak up missile fire or magic. Add to this in most combat your opponent will most likely have a higher static combat res than you will putting you at a disadvantage.

    Stonecrusher mace will not stack with a shield bonus for the additional plus one save, in addition you have given your doom bull two types of magic armour though you are only allowed one (shields count as magic armour).

    I would be tempted to add a second unit of gors to help get your core points up and to allow you to ambush one unit if you wnat to.

    Help this helps


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