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Thread: 2k chariot army

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    2k chariot army

    Gorthor the Beastlord 350

    Beastlord (to go with the gor herd) 145

    heavy armour
    great weapon
    rampagers standard
    tuskgor chariot 253

    level 2
    dispel scroll
    talisman of protection
    tuskgor chariot

    39 gors
    additional hand weapons
    command 337

    tuskgor chariot 80

    tuskgor chariot 80

    tuskgor chariot 80

    tuskgor chariot 80

    tuskgor chariot 80


    8 chariots, one horde, one stone throwing anti magic monster, level 2, gorthor and other beastlord and of course the bsb.

    does anyone else think that gorthor shud have some sort of save? i used this list once and had the luckiest rolls of my life, charged a bloodthirster with gorthor my bsb and another chariot and rolled 16 impact hits and took seven wounds off him after saves, killing him in my first turn (he had gone first obviously) the chap didnt think impact hits wud kill him as without lucky rolls only one of my chariots wud reach him but i got three

    he surrendered by turn four but i was well on my way t a massacre at that stage having only lost my bray-shaman (stupid new miscast table) and a normal tuskgor chariot and he had half a horde of bloodletters about t be charged by four/five chariots and a unit of three juggernauts with a herald that had run into those woods that attack u when u roll poorly (i cant for the life of me remeber wat there name is) he ran an all khorne list if you didnt guess

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