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    2000 friendly 2vs2

    Hello there, just a list for a friendly game i'll be playing alongside orcs against 2*2000 surprise armies

    Beastlord / Sword of Might, Shield, Armour of Destiny 218

    Wargor / Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, BSB, Talisman of Endurance, Gnarled Hide 163
    Bray-Shaman / Lvl2, Chalice of Dark Rain 150
    Bray-Shaman / Lvl2 ***

    20 Gors / Add Weapon, FC 185
    10 Gors / Add Weapon **
    30 Ungor / Spears, SM 189
    Tuskgor Chariot **
    Tuskgor Chariot **

    20 Bestigors / FC, Standard of Discipline 285
    3 Minos / AHW 177
    5 Harpies **

    Giant 225

    Any advices or "WTH man what are you doing ??" is welcome

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    Overall it look nice, but I would give the second bray shaman a dispel scroll, they are just too usefull.
    I assume that the unit of 10 gors is ambushing, right?
    I am not shure I would take a giant against suprise armies, since cannons and bolt trowers would be a realy bad suprise to them. Perhaps instead of the giant you could take another lord, such as a grear bay shaman or that minotaur lord, or maybe you should take more minotaurs. After all, minotaurs fight in 2 ranks and it could be awsome to make 28 attacks (7 minotaurs) and whatever your BSB got. If you are shure that you will not face Orcs&goblins/Empire/Dwarves then the giant is fine, becouse against most other armies you got enough warmachine hunters.

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    34 (x2)

    Beastlord w/ heavy armor, shield, Ramhorn Helm, Talisman of Preservation : Falls four points less than what you have currently, and keeps him "tough and deadly".

    Wargor w/ BSB, Armor of Destiny, great weapon : Is one point over what you have currently, but has an improved ward save.

    The Chalice of Dark Rain is good ( since you have those junky bestigor ), but throw it to your Beastlord to hang on to...

    The lvl 2 bray-shaman should use the Lore of the Wild, and be given the Hagtree Fetish. Keep your other bray-shaman at lvl 1, use either the Lore of Shadow or the Lore of Death, and be given a dispel scroll.
    If your "greenskin" ally is good at their list, they should be taking along night goblin shamans. If not, or they are straight orcs, you two will be in serious trouble...

    I must ask, though, but where are you going to place all of your characters?

    Quite an "interesting" selection of core troops you have. A bit small for my taste, but let's see...

    The herd of 20 gors is good, though I wouldn't upgrade a gor to a foe-render. Besides the extra attack, he doesn't bring much to your list for his points. I assume your BSB is going into this herd, so the foe-render will be useful in accepting challenges.

    The herd of 10 gors will be set up per the "ambush" rules, correct? Throw in a musician.

    That's quite a large herd of ungor you have there. I'd rather have two smaller raider herds, both with a musician, and one placed to ambush.

    Chariots work wonderfully in pairs. Run them up the same flank, and both into the same target. I prefer one into the front of a unit, while the other plows into the same unit's flank. You can have both chariots plow into the front, if you can't reach the flank.
    Shame there are no upgrades, as scythed wheels would be delightful!

    Since the current armybook, I can't get bestigor to work for me. I could go on about how "junky" they are, but I won't. Safe to say ... cover, cover, cover! And pray your opponent doesn't take the Lore of Fire.

    Monster infantry rock in the new rulebook. At 2000, I'd take two herds of 4 minotaurs, musicain , and great weapons. Likewise, you can take a herd of 6 minotaurs, great weapons, standard, and musician.
    Six minotaurs in a line count as a "swarm" btw.

    Harpies are just too weak for my taste, and a flock of 5 dies pretty quickly. For a beastmen list, I'd take the full quota of 10 per a flock.

    Agreeing with Super Sorcerer, you don't want to take a giant in a "surprise" force ... greenskins, empire, and dwarf lists are just plan unhealthy for a giant.
    I suggest taking a Jabberslythe, though its 50pts more, its more useful in a "surprise" battle/game.
    Last edited by SheBeast76; September 19th, 2010 at 16:40. Reason: typo(s)

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