Hello all,
I created this list specifically to play the Lizardmen. I know my oppontent well enough to assume he will bring a Stegadon (hence the great weapons) as well as a unit of Skinks (hence the Harpies). My plan is to place the BSB & Bray Shaman with the large unit of Gor in the center of my deployment zone. The Doombull will join the Bestigors, on either side of the Gor unit with the Minotaurs on the other side. The Harpies are for chasing down those pesky Skinks.

I have yet to defeat the Lizardmen with this army and I look forward to getting some feedback. I'm sure I keep making the same fatal error but I can't see it.

Steel Claws

Great Weapon
Armour of the Ages

Bray Shaman
Level 2 upgrade
Dispell Scroll
Lore of Beasts

50 Gor
Full Command
The Beast Banner
Additional Hand Weapon

25 Bestigor
Full Command

6 Minotaurs
Full Command
Great Weapons

11 Harpies