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    Post your successful BM army lists

    Please post the BM lists that you have had success with. Any any pointers that apply.

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    I just slaughtered the daemons in a 2000 point friendly game. Here's my list:

    Doombull - Crown of Command, Gnarled Hide, Heavy Armour, Shield, The Brass Cleaver, The other tricksters shard = 348
    Bray Shaman - level 2 upgrade, dispell scroll, the ruby ring of ruin = 160
    Wargor - BSB, armour of destiny, additional hand weapon, shield = 166

    30 Gor full command, additional hand weapons = 265
    20 Gor additional hand weapons (ambush) = 160
    10 Ungor Raiders = 60
    10 Ungor Raiders (Ambush) = 60

    26 Bestigor full command = 342
    15 Centigors full command with throwing axes = 440

    The Bray Shaman took the lore of beasts, which made all the difference. The base spell of +1 strength +1 toughness really helped my units weather a ton of shooting before they got into combat. I don't see the Centigors on a lot of lists here, but damn they paid off. Movement of 8! They were able to charge and wipe out a unit of flamers in the first turn, and rear flank some Bloodletters by the third.

    I don't think I'd take the brass cleaver with the doombull again. Because he didn't fit neatly in the Bestigor unit he had to be on the side, which meant only 1 bonus attack. Next time I'll take many limbed fiend. 10 points less, and still 1 bonus attack.

    I read a negative comment on the Bestigors on this site. But they're the BEST! They plowed through pink horrors like nothing and withstood a flank, eventually wiping out both units.

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    I use this list to relative success

    Doombull, Heavy Armor, Shield, Gnarled hide, Many limbed fiend, Ramhorn helm, the other tricksters shard, Dawnstone=353

    Heroes=498 (851 total)
    Gorebull, BSB, Great Weapon, Armor of Destiny=243
    Bray Shaman, Hagtree Fetish, Lv2= 130 (beasts)
    Bray Shaman, Skin of man, Shadow hide, Lv2=125 (beasts)

    Core=500 (1351 total)
    Tuskgor Chariotx2=160
    30 Gors with Full Command and Aditional hand weapon=265
    6 Ungor raiders with musician=39
    6 Ungor raiders =36

    Special=372 (1723 total)
    3 Minotaurs with Full command and additional hand weapon=227
    Razorgor Chariot=145

    Rare 275
    Ghorgon= 275

    Total -1998
    Fantasy : Empire, Chaos Warriors, Chaos Daemons, Vampire Counts, Beastmen, High Elves, Lizardmen( but i have opinions on every army just not the money)
    40k: Black Templars, Imperial Guard, Dark Eldar, Tau (thinking of Eldar)

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