I haven't tried to min/max this atall and its my first beastmen list so any tips on bad choices would be helpful Also I realise I SHOULD have a BSB but I do not have one because my opponent is OnG so I want a softish list plus I find unreliable rules more fun.

Doombull - AHW/HA, gnarled hide, dirge (ignore enemy musicians), 4+ ward save from common magic items. This guy is for killing units mostly on his own as I have no minotaur units to put him in.

lvl 2 shaman, hagtree fetish and lore of the wild.
lvl 2 shaman, skin of man and lore of beasts.

24 gores with AHW + full cmd
24 gores with AHW + full cmd
18 gores with AHW +full cmd (for ambushing)

10 ungor raiders with musician
10 ungor raiders with musician (ambushing)

tuskgor chariot

20 Bestigors with full cmd

10 centigors with full cmd and banner of swiftness

5 harpies with scout upgrade

Razorgore chariot