Hi All,

Currently play lizzies but want a different army to play in the mini campaign so have been looking into beastman and was wondering if people could cast an eye over my list and see what they think.

Beastlord - 250
Brass Cleaver, Troll Hide, Gouge Tusks, Uncanny Senses
Initiative 6 with Bonus Attacks for all models in base contact, light armor and regeneration.

Bray Shaman - 105
Level 2

Gor Herd - 165
20 models with Full Command

Gor Herd - 165
20models with Full Command

Chaos War hounds - 90
Poision Attacks

Bestigor Herd - 210
15models with Full Command

Total: 985

Lord goes with Bestigors and Shaman with one of the Gor Herds. Other one possibly lies in ambush, not sure yet. The squad of war hounds (10models) could be split into two sets of five and sent off to clean up flanks/hold up models.

Comments and Thoughts Please. I have a nice idea for a lord model that would do a minimum of 21attacks, upwards of 40 with the right enemy in front of it...hence the desire to give the beastman a go!