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    New player, playtested 1k list

    So hello everyone, im excited to be playing beastmen and have moved to an area where people dont normally play fantasy that often....lol well screw that i say. So ive been buying lots of beastmen and playing around with lists and need help. Having never used forums before this should be fun. And let me start by saying I LOVE MINOTAURS. I see not alot of you guys do but i run 6 almost no matter what lol, for some reason i cant get the feel for beastgors.
    So this is my 1k list ive been playing the most, the only thing ive been changing is mostly hero choices. i still dont have enough core to really play the big blocks yet and im a high elf player so i not used to having alot lol.

    Bray-Shaman -75
    lvl 2-35
    Hagtree fetish-20
    Talisman of protection- 15
    I tend to take beast or death.

    33x Gor Herd- shields - command 286

    20x Ungor Herd- Command 115

    6x Minotaurs- command- GW- 453

    Pts = 999 ( ha ha the points just worked out i guess, Go chaos!!)

    And with my Gor herd i some times split off 10-13 and ambush with them, it works for the most part. So comments plz, so far i haven't lost with this kind of list but ive only played against high elves, tomb kings and skaven. So who knows.

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    If you're going to play Minotaurs, I heartily recommend a Minotaur character of some sort. I am very surprised that the armies you play against have not exploited your very low Leadership value and made stuff run off the table with shooting or stink at combat thanks to Fear. As a matter of fact, the more popular Minotaur lists run 3 characters up front.

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    It's also good to remember that even a Gorebull will mess up most enemy characters/units without too much effort, especially with an item like Steel Claws or Axes of Khorgor.

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