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    Starting a 2000pts Beastmen army list!

    Hi im new to warhammer and i played it only a couple times.. So don't hate me if i say something wrong!
    Here is my first list and i hope someone can give me some tips!

    Doombull (general)
    - great weapon
    - heavy armour
    - ramhorn helm (extra attack)
    - trollhide (regen)

    Bray shaman
    - additional handweapon
    - dispell scroll

    Bray shaman
    - level 2 wizard
    - shard of the herdstone

    30 gors
    - full comand
    - additional handweapon

    21 gors (maybe ambush??)
    - full command
    - additional handweapon

    10 ungors
    - musician + halfhorn

    10 ungors (ambush)
    - musician + halfhorn

    2 tuskgor chariot

    20 bestigors
    - full command
    - the banner of outrage (automatically pass primal fury)

    5 minotaurs (general goes in here)
    - full command
    - great weapons

    I'm new to warhammer so correct me if i say something stupid!

    The ambushing units go for warmachines/charging rear/charging flanks/wizard hunting?
    The bray shamans camp at the herdstone for extra dice
    The chariots go for flank charges for better combat resolution?

    The army is exactly 2000 points!

    What do you guys think of my list?

    greetz WHBeast

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    I have several problems with this list, mainly because it doesn't really cover the bases Beastmen need to have covered in order to be successful. Those are as follows:

    1) Leadership. This is an army with few units that are Immune to Psychology (and a lot of those who are suffer from Frenzy), plus it has a Leadership-dependent gimmick for its infantry, so every bit of Leadership you can get your hands on is extremely valuable. To that end, I would consider the Beastlord over the Doombull - the Bull is great, but only once you have the Leadership base covered, and right now you don't.

    Another key aspect of maintaining a solid army is the army Battle Standard-Bearer, who lets you re-roll failed Leadership tests (another element missing from your list) - Beastmen have access to one of the best builds in the game for this sort of guy, because you can give him the Beast Banner, Gnarled Hide, Heavy Armor, and a Shield. That means he'll sport a formidable 2+ armor save, give an entire unit +1 Strength (hint: put him in the big unit of Gors!), and help the entire army stay together.

    2) Numbers. Beastmen is commonly referred to as a "horde army" because while our individual guys are good but not great (nice stats, but poor defensive equipment), they're cheap points-wise, so we can compensate for that by bringing a lot of them. Your biggest unit right now only has 30 guys - that's not gonna get it done, especially if you want to take advantage of Horde formation, which is one of the great benefits having lots of guys provides. That's one of the main reasons I prefer Bestigors over Minotaurs - S4 with a Great Weapon punches harder than S5, they get re-rolls, and you can field tons and tons of them to complement their natural T4 and heavy armor. Minotaurs are comparatively fragile because they have slightly worse defense and cost so much more.

    3) Redirectors. Beastmen have access to a huge amount of units that can serve the role of being cheap, annoying, and essentially a "dummy drop" in deployment - you place them on the table, and it doesn't really tell your opponent anything about what you plan to do in the game. To that end, I suggest you take a look at Ungor Raiders (not sure if the Ungors you've listed are Raiders or not...), Chaos Warhounds, Harpies, or Razorgors. The key thing to remember here is that you field them with the absolute minimum of points invested. They're there to be annoying and then die a horrible death, after all.

    4) Magic. You have a solid start in that you've brought multiple Shamans, but the reason why Beastmen magic shines is because of the ability to generate additional power dice, and having a stud caster to take advantage of it. To that end, my suggestion is that you consider a Great Bray-Shaman, and also take a look at the Shard of the Herdstone.

    ...And that should be all of it. You did have a solid start, but these are things Beastmen NEED to address in order to be successful - the army is not very forgiving of list-building mistakes.
    "The best defense is a good offense." -Gen. George S. Patton

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