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    500pt Beastmen Army

    One of my friends, Creon on my forum, is collecting Beastmen and actually has quite a bit of stuff. But, he's a 40k guy through and through so Beastmen is on the back burner. Lately, however, I've rekindled his interest with all my work on AoS. Anywho, I got his promise that we'll be gaming together for WFB and that we'll start out small since I need to re-learn the game and don't have much assembled/painted (due to Tale of X Gamers).

    I said we'd do 500pts or 1k. I then proceeded to make a 500pt Beastmen List for him. Please keep in mind that although I own 2k of Beastmen I haven't made a list ever and don't really know what's going on. The list I made for him is based on some restrictions. First, it has to be 500pts. Second, it is based on what he owns and is assembled or near assembled. To help you out with this he has roughly 3-4 boxes of Bestigors assembled and up to roughly 2 boxes of Beast herd plus a Beastlord and a chariot that is almost fully assembled. Add to that is my Beastmen that he could tap into if he wanted (Centigors, Ogres, Minotaurs, Bray-Shamans, what he has and etc.).

    Anywho, he is doing a Tzeentch army and here's the list.

    1 Wargor - MoT, Great Wep, Dispel Scroll, Helm of Many Eyes = 184 pts
    1 Beast Herd - 10 Gors, 10 Ungors, full command w/shields = 165 pts
    1 Bestigor Herd = 10 with Musician & MoT = 146pts

    Total = 495pts

    He will be playing against my AoS (I'll make a 500pt list basically a Thrall with Levy and Militia). I know the list can be improved. Oh another thing...my friend hates to play with models that are not fully assembled (as he intends them to be finally equipped) and painted. I tried telling him it is okay to do that while you build the army but he's thick. I'm trying to get him to use whatever he has that is assembled but anywho. Your constructive tips and criticism is greatly appreciated for the beastmen list.

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    Beast characters cannot have enchanted items, so his wargor can't have the Helm of Many Eyes. Also, a scroll seems slightly over-priced for such a small game, where they only spells you'll have are bound.

    The beast herd is fine in numbers, though shields are worthless for the most part. It's not awful on the gors, but they're better suited to having two weapons, and the 6+ it gives ungors isn't worth it, you might as well take a few more ungors.

    Bestigors need to have a few ranks and full command. Granted they get really expensive really fast, but they're worth it, I think. A unit of 14 (including the wargor) gets two ranks, and can go five wide (which is something you want).

    Redone to kind of fit what I said-

    Wargor- MoTzeentch, Great weapon/second hand weapon, heavy armor, and 25 points of magic items

    Beast Herd- 9 gors/11 ungors, full command

    Tzaangor herd- 13 strong with standard and musician (joined by the wargor)

    My personal choice for the wargor would be the Goretooth for Hatred and an easy spell. And against undead normally I would go for some ogre-sized monsters (minotaurs for beasts I'm thinking), but at 500 Tzeentch marks alone take up most of the army. At 750 or 1000 I think minotaurs should be added, along with a chariot or another wargor.
    Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, even if it's wrong.

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