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    1000 points Beast.

    hey i am try to start a beastman army at 1000 points which i can enter for tournament and use for friendly games, and for that i will be vering lizardmen and wood elves. heres my list wargor w/ great weapon, heavy armour 68pts Shaman w/ braystaff and dispel scroll 141pts Beast Herd w/ 7 Gors, shields and full command and 12 ungors 143pts Beast Herd w/ 8 Gors, Shields and full command and 12 un gors 151 1 Tuskgor Chariot 85pts 5 Warhounds 30pts 3 minotaurs w/ great weapons and light armour 147pts 3 ogre dragons w/ great weapons and light armour 237 pts total 1000

    do gods exist in this world? or did man just made god in his image? if you do not agree answer this, why do we portrait gods as humans? why do our gods look like us? if gods are mighty and powerful then why do they look like the weak.

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    a few things you need to do first please work on this its simple and much easier to read i bearly got through the list

    great weapon
    heavy armor

    this is okay but you should give hime a shield and not take the great weapon you strike last in challenges he would get killed or just an addtional hand weapon

    brayshaman lv. 2
    dispel scroll

    this is pretty good(i figured he was level 2 from the 141 point cost any way pretty good though.

    overall nice low cost wargor and good bray shaman

    the gor to ungor ratio is way off you need at least 12 gors for that many ungors and the shields for the gor no they will save 1/3 gors when if you get good rolls to hit you can kill the opponent in one round so you wouldn't need the shields

    also dont take the tuskgor chariot alone

    and take either the dragon ogres or the minotaurs i suggest the dragon ogres but give them all one extra hand weapon they will deal with chariots and war machines with ease anyway with out the great weapons also that makes them do better in combat you may want to take a few more hounds as screening units thats all

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