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    2000 pts slaanesh help!

    Please don't post points/model, or points/ unupgraded unit. This violates GW copyright and LO policy. A member with your experience should set an example for newer members. Thanks! -Koosh

    I've been playing my undivided beast army, and im growing a bit bored with it. i've read alot of threads concerning swaps to slaanesh, and it seems that almost everyone likes the slaanesh lore.

    I myself find it really cool too, but i have a question:

    the delectable toture spell, which weapons are used if the character have more a magic weapon - the magic one or the hand weapon? can i choose which?

    furthermore, is it reliable enough, and a good idea, to go anything other than magic offensive when playing slaanesh? i dont want 2 lvl 1 shamans, who just carry around scrolls, but 2 lvl 2 shamans who can do some damage, and tactically use the slanneshy lore.

    What about beastlords and wargors? how are they supposed to equip them? hust like undivided characters? or do you know some mean combos out there? such a shame that they cant take the pendant of slaanesh .

    do anyone use the Whip of Pleasure? it seems nice, if you combine it with a chaos armour for some armour, etc.

    i've made up a 2000 point list that i really would like you to comment! critisme is very welcome. Here goes:


    Beastlord w/ MoS, Whip of Pleasure, GotG, Chaos Armour = 210 pts
    Wargor w/ MoS, BSB, Heavy Armour, The Dark Heart = 134 pts
    Bray-Shaman w/ MoS, Lvl 2 upgrade, Braystaff, Skull of Katam = 186 pts
    Bray-Shaman w/ MoS, Lvl 2 upgrade, Braystaff, Dispel Scroll = 161 pts

    Core Units:

    Beastherd w/ 11 Gors, 7 Ungors, FC(beastlord here) = 140 pts
    Beastherd w/ 5 Gors, 5 Ungors, Musician(ambush) = 60 pts
    Beastherd w/ 5 Gors, 7 Ungors, Musician(ambush) = 60 Pts
    6 Warhounds =
    17 Bestigors w/ MoS, FC, Rapturous Standard(wargor here) = 304 pts
    Tuskgor Chariot =
    Tuskgor Chariot =

    Special Units:
    3 Minotaurs w/ MoS, GW = 198 pts

    Rare Units:
    4 Dragon Ogres w/ Light Armour, GW = 316
    Chaos Giant w/ Mutant Monstrosity = 225 Pts

    Total: 2200

    as some observing readers MAY have noticed, i am above my 2000 pts allowance, so i would really like some help in reducing the costs of the army back to 2000.

    I could remove two slaangors, the gouge-horn, the BSB from the wargor and the skull of katam(for a dispel scroll) for a total of 82 pts.. not much, but it helps.. also, i could remove a dragon ogre and give the beastlord a GW, CoHorns and AoD+MoS instead => about 20 pts above 2000.

    Any advice, help, critisme, etc would be very helpful

    thanks in advance.. regards And

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    I'm not a Slaanesh specialist, but here's my thoughts anyway:

    I think a really magic-heavy list would work well with ambushing beasts: you have a lot of control over enemy units, and you'd have the ability to put a lot of your units in strange places on the board. It seems like a very useful combination.

    For making useful slaanesh casters, I'd consider adding another caster, or adding a bound spell in there to soak up some dispel dice. Most armies will have 3-5 DD and 2 scrolls. So if you are running with 6 dice, you'll get about 1 spell off a turn, and the first two of those are likely to be dispel scrolled.

    For low level casters, pay attention to the first spell on the list, its the only one they'll definately be able to get, and the one they have the best chance of casting successfully with 2 dice.

    If a character has a magic weapon, they HAVE to use it in combat as far as I know. So they'll be forced to use it with delectable torture also.

    I think the whip is overrated. It might be good for very specific situations, but it isn't all that impressive to me.

    Champions help more than musicians for your ambushing beast-herds, the extra leadership could be crucial. But if you just want a lot of small ambushing units, consider more hounds, you can get 2 min-sized hound units for each ambushing beast-herd, and you'll have a decent chance of getting some of them where you want them.

    You have a LOT of great weapons in the army. You might consider giving the minotaurs 2 hand weapons instead, to make use of their higher initiative. Or drop the minotaurs for daemonettes of slaanesh and/or furies, so you have some fast fear-causers.

    Lotta random thoughts: I hope some of them are useful!
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