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    2k Slaanesh list

    Please don't post points/model or points/unupgraded unit. THis violates GW copyright and LO policy. Thanks!

    Ok so I'm fairly new and I've been attracted to the prospect of making a magic heavy beasts/hordes army. This is what I've been able to come up with so far, but any advice would be great.

    Wargor (general) scim of skultar, fur of sharrgu, shield (92)

    Great Bray Shaman lvl 4 MoS (lore of slaanesh) the goretooth, 2x disp (290)

    Bray Shaman lvl 2 (lore of shadows) staff of darkoth power stone (160)

    Herd (12 gor, 8 ungor) full command (151)

    Herd (12 gor, 8 ungor) foe render, musc, preyseeker *ambushing* (166)

    Bestigors (20) full command MoS (310)

    Warriors (20) full command MoS great weapons (350)

    Knights (6) MoS champion musc (24

    Furies (10)

    Warhounds (5) *ambushing*

    Warhounds (5)

    total 1977

    Now I've been thinking about either shedding points to add 2 tusk chariots... besides that I'm not sure what to do, so any advice would be great. Wargor and gbs would join the bestigors, bs would join the ambushing herd, hopefully allowing them to get the charge off on the first turn, against either war machines or archers or whatever. War and bestigor would march up, hopefully get the charge with help from lore of slaanesh. The other herd, knights furies and hounds would all look for flanks.

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    Some thoughts for you:

    Your bestigors and warriors are functioning as both static CR and kill generators. But they are expensive for the task of static CR, and most of those high quality attacks aren't being used if they are in ranks. You might consider fielding them in smaller units 6-7 wide to maximize attacks, fielding the warriors as chosen to maximize attacks, or giving one or both units the mark of Khorne for extra attacks. You might consider giving the warriors halberds also, to preserve their impressive initiative score.

    I know beast-herds come with 12 gors and 8 ungors in a box, but IMO the optimal numbers are reversed. This provides cheaper units with more bodies to soak shooting casualties, and doesn't waste so many points on gors who aren't in combat. And you have a better chance of getting some spears into the fight.

    Remember, as skirmishers beast-herds won't negate ranks, even if flanking. Hounds will though. I'd slim down the ambushing beast-herd, that is a lot of points for a unit that might not end up where you need it.

    If you drop some furies, some gors for ungors, and swap around the gt weapon units, you'll have some points for your chariots.

    Hope it helps!
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