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    Beastherd Size in my army...

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to decide what I want my BoC army to look like.

    Heres my general army plan so far (ive got around 800 points and am expecting that to double as i finish painting my guys)

    Wargor leading (Grog)
    Should I do greatweapon or 2x weapons?
    What armor should I add?
    I was thinking giving him mark of khorne as my friend plays tomb kings and dispell dice are nothing short of hilarious.

    Shaman (bob)
    From what ive looked at it seems like level 1 are just fine.
    I was probably going to put a bray staff on and have him carry a dispell scroll around

    Shaman #2 (Chuck)
    I figured a duplicate of bob is good enough for me.

    This is the part where I am not quite sure what I am doing. My problem is I dont really know how many units i really want in my herds. My thoughts were maybe have 4 ambushing little herds (5 gor/7 ungor) and perhaps a big herd to give them something to worry about from the front of (10-15/5-10 w/ full command) just to have something to pack a little more punch.
    note: 2x hand weapons, and no shields on ungor its just is not point effecient at all

    North Beastherd

    South Beastherd

    East Beastherd

    West Beastherd

    Grogs big herd:
    10-15 Gor/5-10 ungor
    with full command

    The Beastigor Herd (yet to be named)
    10 Beastigors with a standard bearer
    (Champions honestly just dont seemthat good out of this lot....)
    I was thinking mark of khorne though as it give me some dispell dice yummy
    (Is 10 going to be way too small? ive been seeing lists with like 25. I only have 10, but like the models and do not object to buying more).

    Ive got 9, I donno how thathappened...
    anyway i really like these guys and tend to try and put them in ambush so they dont die (which they always do because my friends get a sick satisfaction out of eliminating a group entirely) This does however spare me one round of arrow/gun fire. I wasthinking for my new army though i might run them up alongside my general so they can be boosted up by his supreme leadership?
    Thoughts? Actually this may need to be the case as half my ambush units need to be onthe board.... maybe i could run them 5 and 5 if i find my last one somehwere though... Thoughts?

    Ive got one chariot, it has done very wells o far at whiping those nasty little regenerating skeletons off the face of the earth, am still considering buying another one but thats farther off inthe future

    I have one(one model) which i obviously cant field, and cant really bring myself to invest in two more... If i were though, any suggestions on greatweapon versus 2 handweapons?

    How goods the monstrosity thing? 20 points for essentially a 1 in 6 chance per turn that it falls down and a 5+ armor save seems kinda meh.... thoughts?
    I have never actually used a giant, i just ordered it online so i am curious to know how tis going to act.

    So I really like the whole ambush thing, and since we tend to play on a very small board (heh heh heh) the effect really puts my guys into the right spot.
    Now I guess its decision time:
    Should I go with these tiny herds (granted a lot of points get wasted having to buy champions for each one), should I just beef them up a little bit? lmk.

    (I often play againsta combined tombking and empire army which is not so fun to play against... unless im kicking their butt hehheh heh)

    One last thing taht I have noticed:
    my friends at least like to pick out the biggest unit or the weakest unit (not the middle ones) and tear it to shreads. This has really been what allows the bulk of my army (beastmen) to run up and club the skeletons/gunmen back into the ground from which they came. This strategy has more or less required a big enough beastherd that they feel discouraged from shooting into it because its very unlikely there will be enough wounds to make it run. My strategy of lowering the beastherd numbers into small grounds will hopefully confuse my enemy into what they can focus on, and with some good timing and a little luck perhaps I cant get a good flank attack and chariot smash into them.

    If I get some replies/there is interest I will post some pictures of my army in deadly combat with those disgusting bone creatures that mydogs love to eat (if they end up passing leadership tests and charging)

    This has been my first post, so lmk if there is a better way of doing it or something



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    For your charcters, the general thought for Beasts is that cheap is good.

    Grog's weapon choice is up to you, and depends which you prefer personally. As for armour, Chaos Armour is a good cheap option from the magic items. The mark of Khorne is good for the dispel dice, but frenzy is a bit double-edged though, you get an extra attack, but your character may be forced to charge off where you dont want him to be.

    The Shamen setup you have looks fine, a Braysaff is a must, and scolls are good as beasts find it hard to put up a good magic defense (unless they are Khornate).

    For the beastherds, its a good idea to have a couple of a decent size which start on the field, with the ambushing units being smaller. Large herds are generally 12/8 gor/ungor, or visa versa. If you want a character to be in the unit though, remove one model from the herd, as when they charge they have to have atleast 1/4 of their number in range.
    The smaller herds should be fine with 5Gor and then any number f ungor you want really. Just make sure every Beast herd has a Foe-Render and Musician. Standards are up to you, but if you do take them only put them in the larger Herds.

    10 Khorne Bestigors can be a good unit, and with your wargor in there they can get a decent number of kills. (use 11 and character in 2 ranks of 6)

    Warhounds are a good unit. Its a shame they arent fast cavalry as that would make them far more useful, but they can still be annoying for the enemy. Best used in multiple small units of 5 or 6 each. Your chariot is a must, its cheap and can be quite hard hitting.

    Minotaur wise, 3 make a good unit but if you use 4 they ill be far better still. Im of the opinion that they should be given 2xHW, as they have a decent Init. If you want great weapon wielding monsters, go for Ogres, as they have low Init anyway, and can get a decent save too.

    Im not a huge Giant fan, as they tend to be a bit unpredictible, but that is their nature. They can be really good for holding and/or making a mess of enemy units, and terror is a great advantage in an army which is vulnerable to Psychology.

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    Wargor leading (Grog)
    What armor should I add? Check out the HoC book for magic armor and weapons. They may help out. Also, their are several trinkets in the BoC book to help with ldship and rallying and getting a wardsave or magic resistance. I like to keep them cheap but 1-2 magic items can really be effective.

    Shaman (bob) in a 1000-1500 point game, I think 1 lvel 1 shaman with braystaff and 2 scrolls is perfect. Get another wargor for the points

    2x hand weapons, and no shields on ungor I usually run them a bit bigger (6/, but if your model count lmits you, I guess the smaller number works well. The weakness of beasts is their leadership and lack of armor. if you're playing on that small of a board, you may not need them all to ambush, it may be more predictable to just run them up the board since they move fast anyway. I don't think you'll go wrong either way 4ambushing herds, you'll get someone to land where you want. I would use these to rear attack, distract and take out warmachines.

    The Beastigor Herd (yet to be named) these are hard to deal with because they are so expensive esp in small games. I would mark them khorne, not to get the dispel die, but for the extra attacks. Full command (maybe without the banner in case you lose combat) but if you stick a khorne wargor in here, that is a ton of nasty attacks for one small unit. I would use your hounds to screen in front of them. 5 wide just to block shooting for a turn or so. If they die, then it's no big deal cause khorn is frenzied and you only lost 30 points.

    Chariots work well in tandem esp in bigger games, so 2 in 1500+ is a good idea. 1 for now is great. It draws fire, it does impact hits, rerolls psych tests.

    you don't have anything that can dish out strong attacks. I would get them with heavy weapons for that reason. If your empire player gets knights, you could conceivably never make a wound on him with 96% of your army.

    against empire the monstrosity is worthless, against skeleton bows, it is worth it. I personally like giants for fun games and dragon ogres for competative stuff. In a small game, 2 slaanesh spawns are cheap and very useful.

    Watch out for panic. if you split up your units into lots of smaller units, theyare more likely to cause panic on each other and more likely to have panic do to numbers.

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