Thought id start a second thread in order for myself and anyone else who playtests any ideas from
that thread to report back on how the players and the units did.

I played a 1K, 3-way game the other day against O&G and DEs. My list looked something like:

Wargor w/ CA, 2xHW, S, Pelt of Dark Young.
Bray Shaman w/ Staff of Darkoth
Bray Shaman w/ Braystaff
2 Beast Herds(8/10) w/ Mark of the Beast
4 Minotaurs w/ 2HWs
5 Furygor w/ Mark
5 Huntgor w/ Mark
2 BeastSpawn

So, reporting back...
Definitely taking some scrolls next time! Pelt of the Dark young saved my ass... anyway, onto my changes:

MotB on the Herds didn't come into use but nevermind. I think 1pt/model is still fair.

The Furygor were useful tactically, flapped around a DE unit a bit. M5 is quite cool giving them ground options too for forests etc. Considered upping Ld by one but that would be a little un fluffy i think, or a point decrease, given they are currently the same as DE Harpies but with 1 less Attack and 2 less Init.
Edit... DE harpies are 11pts each!? I thought they were 15... lol. Damn... Ok, Furygor reduced to 12pts base + 3 for the mark.

Huntgor. Unsure whether to remove the Scouts special rule. Its nice but trumps ambsh i think... although options are always cool. I went with Ambush for this game. Shortbows killed a few gobbos but not much else.. they just sat in their forest. Still, could be a tactial table quarter unit i guess (although i hate that tourney tactic personally). Gonna reduce pts to 10 base + 2 for Mark for the next game.
Edit: Justnoticed an inconsistancy, Toughness has been increased to 4 in order to match Gors as intended. Typo by me... (atleast i didnt print it yet *cough*GW*cough* )
Some opinions in the other thread (Draco recently) lead the the conclusion that Bows arent really beast-like. Personally i have always associated them with Cetigor and hence the crossover (shortbow seemed the most fluffiest). If i get he chance ill test out some weapon varieties (Blowpipes, Javelins, etc) and please, others feel frre to do so too

BeastSpawn. Did pretty well. Changed S back to 4 having played it as D6 throughout the game (as well as WSD6 and InitD6 cos my mates thought it would be fun(ny) )