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Thread: noob ques.....

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    noob ques.....

    Howde - new to beastmen and returning to WHFB after a few years of 40k.

    Got some n00b questions about force setup that I'd like some help on.
    i) do people generally take extra hand weapon or sheild on Gors?
    ii) can 10man units of gors/ungors make it into combat without getting shot to peices? do i need bigger units?
    iii) Is a ghorgon worth the points? if so, what models do people use?
    iv) is the raz. chariot worth the extra points over a t. chariot?
    v) which lore do people generally go for?



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    1) Extra hand weapon here
    2) Personally I'd opt for bigger units, depends who/what you're fighting I guess! Looking from my other army viewpoints I'd shoot you down easily though.
    3) I'm converting a Balrog model, I haven't played with him yet though.
    4) I don't intend to use a Razorgor Chariot myself, but that's more because I'd rather have a herd of them and keep my Tuskgor Chariots in one piece though
    5) Beasts seems very popular, I personally have a Shaman for each lore available and like to play around with a different one each game, or sometimes a combination just to see what happens
    Fantasy: Wood Elves, Dark Elves, Beastmen and Tomb Kings.
    40k: Tyranids
    LotR: Misty Mountains and Rohan

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