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    Which Special Characters, and Ghorghons?

    S'up Y'all. Started up Beasts shortly before the new book came out, which was weird, so aside from having rebase a ton of Ungors, and having an old box that I could mix with the new ones for some PROPER old school spears (those old Ungor Spears are bigger than Dogs of War Pikes), I've been rummaging through special Characters and the new creatures.Firstly, the Ghorgon. At first I was unimpressed, but when I finally noticed the Stubborn Ld10 thing I thought to myself 'Hey, a giant that won't keep falling over or rolling 1's and 2's for his number of hits', and then it occurred to me he's toughness 6, and whilst in combat if things start going a bit wrong I could just killing blow someone for a few wounds.So, he worth it? He certainly looks like as long as he avoids the great weapons he'd do alright. Heck, even against great weapons he'd kill them before they hit, and they're wounding him on 4'5 or 5's... and sure, I gotta get him into combat, but with Movement 7 I should be fine. I already have a Cygor (one of those Giants of Albion is almost too conveniently a cyclops with a large, rune-inscribed dolmen he's about to throw...) and this would help the fear factor.Secondly, the special characters look interesting. I'm kind of sad that Ambush has now become so genuinely God-Awful that you NEED Khazrak for it, but I was gonna take him anyway. If not, I'll take a Great Bray Shaman, unless...Is Malagor any good? He looks a lot of points for a bloke whose only real merit is a slight leadership modification against the enemy and wings. Of course, there's those icons, but those are a bit situational...Gorthor I really don't like the look of. 5+ armour save at best? Oh, woo. Opinions on him?Moonclaw looks fair nuts, that many stone thrower shots will nuke an enemy line. Expensive though, not very good lores, lvl1 and will probably kill himself very early with misfires.Slugtongue seems decent. I always loved the Lore of Death, and he also comes with regeneration, and a nice rule to kill a few men and therefore a few ranks, as well as mess up the odd stone thrower or scouting unit.Taurox is a Doombull, and I can actually make a Doombull with a better save than him... not T6 though. I'm not too sold on Doombulls in general, particularly the way they get rid of Primal fury and pursue 1D6...Ungrol Four-Horn I like! He's cheap for what is essentially an extra hero who's good in combat, and on the way there might turn into a wizard and get me another dispel dice. Sure, he might do that in combat, but his statline's still decent regardless.Ghorros I'm not keen on. Hideously expensive. Is he really all that?So, what're your thoughts and opinions on the new characters, and also Ghorgons?

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    Argh! Text wall! My nemesis

    I'm afraid I won't comment on the special characters - I personally never use them (Though it's quite funny if you have a 'lucky shadowblade' sat on the table with you.)
    Ghorros amused me though, that poor unicorn...

    Ghorgons, yes, are awesome. A lot of people complained about the swallow whole ability "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT WHEN YOU CAN KILL MORE NORMALLY" well... let's see, read the rule below it you easily distracted half-horn!

    I'll probably grab the book and update this post later, I'm currently unable to get to it.
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