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Thread: Raped by O&G

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    Raped by O&G

    So, I just playtested my first beastmen army... The results were... Very disheartening to say the least.

    Here are the two lists.

    750 Pts - Beastmen Army

    1 Gorebull @ 218.0 Pts
    General; Frenzy
    The Steel-Claws
    Ram Horn Helm

    10 Gor Herd @ 85.0 Pts
    2ndWeapon; Musician

    10 Gor Herd @ 80.0 Pts

    5 Chaos Warhounds @ 30.0 Pts

    6 Ungor Raiders @ 39.0 Pts
    Short Bow; Musician

    6 Ungor Raiders @ 39.0 Pts
    Short Bow; Musician

    3 Minotaurs @ 189.0 Pts
    Great Weapon; Light Armour

    5 Harpies @ 70.0 Pts

    Casting Pool: 2

    Dispel Pool: 2

    Models in Army: 46

    750 Pts - Orcs & Goblins Army

    1 Black Orc Big Boss @ 104 Pts
    General; Choppa; Heavy Armour
    Enchanted Shield

    1 Night Goblin Shaman @ 110 Pts
    Magic Level 2; Little Waagh
    Power Stone

    29 Night Goblins @ 178 Pts
    Spear; Shield; Standard; Musician

    2 Fanatic

    24 Orc Boyz @ 159 Pts
    Choppa; Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician

    6 Goblin Spider Riders @ 84 Pts
    Spear; Short Bow; Shield

    6 Giant Spider @ [0] Pts

    3 Trolls @ 120 Pts

    Casting Pool: 4

    Dispel Pool: 3

    Models in Army: 66

    Alright so, we deploy, I´m done first and I win the next roll.
    I deploy my harpies on his right flank
    I roll a double 1 on my Ambush roll, and he deploys my units on my side of the table.
    I basically move my army forward, making sure he is not withing charge range, no units in sight for my Raiders.
    My turn ends.

    He manages stupidity on trolls and they move forward, he rolls a 6 with his goblings on the animosity, and moves something like 6inches forward, fanatics come out, hitting my minotaur group.
    11 s5 hits
    all die but one, who is left with 2 wounds.
    He charges, doesn't manage to kill him, but wins combat.
    My minotaur flee through my unit of gors, making them flee
    he picks off 2 raiders with his spider through shooting and they flee of the table.

    I start my second turn, charging with my gors and Gorebull, failing to do any wounds with my impact hits.
    I fail to wound his black ork in a challenge and do 2wounds on the orks.
    I lose combat and flee.

    and thats when I left the game...
    I basically had
    5harpies, 6raiders left after turn one...

    even if I fail the ambush rolls I feel like there should at least be something I should be able to do!?
    I need help with my list, thanks!

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    A few suggestions on army composition. Put the gorebull in with the minotaurs. Combine the two gor herds for one big one, they need the rank bonuses to win combat.

    When playing against O&G, you must assume that all night goblin units have fanatics. As such, don't send your awesome unit (minotaurs) anywhere near them until the fanatics get released. Feed them a cheap unit like warhounds or ungor raiders and force them to release the fanatics on garbage. Harpies can be useful in this too because they can fly to the side where you want the fanatics to be released, and you can potentially force them to release their fanatics into their own units if they wish to kill yours.

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    i agree with Tbeckett on this one.
    The orcs had no artillery, which gives you time to outmaneuver him, instead you charged your tuffest unit towards his centre forgetting he could waaagh in several ways..
    If you can deal with his spider riders you will have the upper hand in maneuvering and find a way to get to charge. nothing in his list will survive a combined charge.

    I think moving the mino's up too fast lost you the battle.The sad combat result is just salt in the wounds
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    Warchief Diggah o da Bloodmoon Squiggahs

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