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    My Beastmen Tactica: I

    Hey LO, I'm back again (so far so good) with another installment of 'My Beastmen Tactica'. This month I talk about the Beastmen army as a whole, theory and strategy tips, and there's even a 'Top 10 reasons to ambush' list!

    If I could, (wich I can) I'd like to begin this tactica with an analogy. The Beastmen army is like a rapier, swift, brutal, but brittle. Using mostly speed and manouver the Rapier tears the heart out of the enemy. But, were it to clash with almost any other blade head on, it would break under the tension. Using the same weapon analogy the Warriors of Chaos for example are more like a hammer, heavy, durable, and aimed mostly at the head. The Orcs would be a big double edged cleaver, just as deadly to you as it is to the enemy, and swung wildly at anything it can hit.

    Anyway, the point of my analogy is to sum up the overall feel of the Beastmen. To put it quite simply our #1 strength is our speed (Beastmen being the fatest army out there), and our #1 weakness is our morale. Sun Tzu said that in war you should first eliminate all of your weaknesses, and then seek to exploit weaknesses in your opponent. I think that this is especially true with the Beasties. Most of your battle will be fought on paper. Did you bring that BSB? if not things could get hairy for you (no pun intended). Remember the analogy, we don't do the clash and grind well, this means that the Beasts will not carry any flaws in your list, or set up for that matter, very well.

    The Beastmen are funny in that, they actually force you to think like a Beastman in order to play them well. Beastmen are advantageous and opportunistic in the extreme and I often find myself playing like this with the cloven ones. Does 20 gors with full command against a 10 man empire detatchment sound like overkill? You betcha, but in an otherwise unpredictable army, those are odds that I can wrap my head around. Plus, I'm faster so I'm calling the shots. I mean, seriously, with random game mechanics like ambush and primal fury, the Beastmen were never meant to be tournament winners. Beastmen aren't the competitive man's army, they're the gambling man's army. I have just as much fun figuring out what I'm going to do on my turn as my opponent.

    We are quite the unique beast (again, no pun intended). No shooting, no morale, and no armor means that after movement, there are only 2 aspects of the game we can excel at, magic and combat, both of wich IMO we are only mediocre at. Our tough match ups include Undead, Wood Elves, and Dwarves. Our Preffered match ups include Empire, Bretonnia, and Skaven. So become the Beastman, be fast, endeavour to hit flanks, pick on the weak with the strong, and for the love of furry pants! always pack a BSB!

    For any comments and responses, in advance, Thanks amil. And now, as promised, I leave you with my 'Top 10 Reasons To Ambush' list.

    10. It's free! Both points wise, and literally money wise.

    9. It clears up room in your most likely crowded deployment zone for more troops

    8. It cuts off routes and and fleeing enemy troop. The old Beartrap.

    7. To dominate the board by economy of force and help control the movement phase

    6. It provides you with fresh, un shot-up, un harmed reserves just when both sides are spent

    5. Its great for objective taking and table quarter holding late game

    4. It gives you great flank and rear charge opportunities

    3. Psychological warfare. Simply mentioning ambushers can mess with your opponents plans, set up, and movement

    2. It finally disrupts those cowardly and un-manly war machines and gun lines

    And the number one reason to ambush is Entertainment Value. It's simply great fun to throw a twist on an otherwise predictable game and keep both players guessing. Hope you enjoyed.

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    I wasnt around here when you left, whenever that was :p
    welcome back nonetheless!

    This is a great summary i like it, if nothing else, i want more of this.

    when i read your thoughts and add 1 and 2 together, heres my top 1 reasons NOT to ambush:

    1. There is only 1 BSB and he's right there where the ambushers are never going to be near.

    Any chance you have a nice list for keeping up the morale in the beasts army?
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    Awesome! I'm looking forward to this, as I've just started using the Cloven ones! Thanks!
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    I don't play fantasy but was thinking about starting, and maybe with a Beastmen army. I've liked most of the Beastman miniatures ever since back in the day when GW made "Battle Masters." That and I imagine they would be easy to paint well.

    I have a question, how does that new skirmish formation work as a screen? If you have multiple units of ungor raiders, the ones that don't ambush, I can imagine they give a good -2 save from shooting for other "man sized" blocks behind them. Do they provide good enough cover for Minotaurs?
    Last edited by YounGunner; September 30th, 2010 at 13:37. Reason: I don't know why I thought you could give them slings :/

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