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    how do the pumba's rate in the beastmen army list

    hey guys
    so im looking at starting beastmen but i was just wondering out these guys rate
    to me they seem pretty good but iv never really seen any1 taken them however i think thats becuase they see minotaurs and then a herd of pigs and think that minotaurs must surly be much better

    they are the same points cost and for that you get better toughness, starting off with more attacks, better movment (and the diff between movement 6 and 7 now is huge due to the 3D6) and better strength on the charge
    they also dont suffer from blood greed which is so anoying if you actualy break the enemy and they dont have frenzy

    the only downside to these guys seems to be they have no armour but then with toughness 5 most shooting attacks will need 6's unless its a cannon or something in which case armour has no use

    what are your opinions on the pumba's
    how do you run them and what has been your experience with them

    im planning on running 6 of them in a unit so they can soak up some shooting and close combat but as these guys are stupidly expensive i plan on using the lord of the rings warg's as they also look much cooler

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    The Pumba's look pretty good to me. As you mentioned, T 5 and multiple Wounds keeps you safe from non-war machine shooting, and they actually pack more punch on a charge. I've never used them in Herds myself (I like 'em in Chariots), but I've heard a lot of good things about small units and even a couple of Solo Pumba's.

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    Hi, I have recentley just come back to playing warhammer and 40k, from my past experiences playing beastmen, razorgors are absolutely fantastic. I used to run them in small units, just to spread my opponents fire a little (make tougher choices), if run with a umm... "hero" minotuar (lol, forgive me its been a long time) they can make a mess of anything, and make minotuars look rather pathetic.



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    I use two singular psychopiggies on the flanks. They hunt for warmachines and small units of archers. The logic is very simple: either warmachines shoot at piggies when the piggies might die but my main line units get into contact intact or the warmachines don't shoot at piggies in which case the piggies eat them and then charge the flanks of enemy main line units.
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