Beastmen v.s Daemons - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Beastmen v.s Daemons

    I just wanted to know, what units would be good to take against the Daemons (it's a mix of Khorne, Tzeentch & Nurgle units), because a mate of mine used them & got totally annihilated by them i can't really remember exactly what he had but he now refuses to play Fantasy because of it so any help will be well appreciated

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    Probably 7th. ed Daemons. Not a whole lot he could have done against them back then.

    Anyway, from looking at the Daemons list, a few things stand out:

    1. Their units aren't cheap at all, so you should have the advantage of numbers - press it. Bring those Gor/Bestigor Hordes and take the fight to him.

    2. Protect yourself against Flaming Attacks. The Flamers of Tzeentch can absolutely murderize an entire unit of guys if you let them - I suggest bringing a Beastlord with The Blackened Plate to protect one of your precious fighting hordes.

    3. Bring magic protection. A L4 and a Dispel Scroll will be very important against Daemon magic - they have a bunch of quality spells and a bunch of quality Wizards.

    4. KILL. THEIR. CHARACTERS. Can't stress this one enough - their command figures have amazing abilities, so they need to go, ASAP. Their Hero-level characters you can probably take on with a fighty Beastlord, whereas you'll want some buffing/debuffing on your side before you square up against a Greater Daemon.

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    I would agree with rothgar, big units with lots of attacks work well against daemons, as you will most likely outnumber him near 2-1 this should be quite easy. Be grateful he is not running slaanesh in their also, as their ability to hurt your Ld would be very costly.

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