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    Magic for my Beastmen

    My current 2400 point list is this:

    Beastlord - Armour of Silvered Steel, Talisman of Preservation, AHW
    Great Bray Shaman - Lvl 4

    Wargor BSB - Gnarled Hide, HA, Banner of Beasts
    Bray Shaman - Shard of Herdstone
    Bray Shaman - Chalice of Dark Rain
    Bray Shaman

    40 Gor - FC, AHW
    52 Ungor - FC
    5 Ungor Raiders
    5 Ungor Raiders

    29 Bestigors


    Yes, I can hear the groans on the Giant. He is here now mainly to bulk up the points before I can get more models assembled. The idea is to leave the Giant out and replace him with around 10 more Bestigors and some Harpies. Anyway, that is beside the actual point.

    Now, I've been using Lore of Death on lvl 4 and Lore of Shadows on all three lvl 1's for dancing around the Herdstone and Miasma spamming. It has worked okayish with Lore of Death used for assassinating enemy generals and BSBs but lately I've been thinking of maybe trying something else for a change... So what are the competitive options for lores in this kind of list?

    Revenant Moon Necrons: (W/L/D) 0/1/0 (6th edition: 13/2/2)(5th edition: 14/6/4)(3rd edition Codex: 16/4/7)
    XIX Legion: (W/L/D) 0/0/0 (5th edition: 14/12/2)(5th edition Codex: 4/3/0)
    Black Legion: (W/L/D) 1/0/0 (6th edition: 2/3/0)
    Something Wicked... Reikwald Beastmen: (W/L/D) 10/4/1

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    lore of beasts on the lvl 1's should come in handy for wildforming a few units. i personally would stick with either lore of death on the lvl 4 or go for lore of shadow (can he take it? i dont have the book on me right now) in order to weaken enemy units for your wildformed units

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    I run Beasts on the L4 along with a fighting kit (Fencer's Blades, Jagged Dagger, and a Ward save), plus Shadows on my L1's. I would never put Wildform on a L1, and the reasons are range (short) and casting cost (high).
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