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Thread: [list] 500 Pts

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    Can someone tell me wether this list would work. I am wondering if i should start BOC, but I won't if the models i like wont work together.

    So help with all aspects of this list including points values and magic items.
    The list will hopefully be 500 pts!
    Here goes.

    1 fighting hero (need help here)

    1 big herd

    1 of those tough fighting units (can't remember name)

    3 minotors

    1 chariot

    I hope it is enough to work on.

    Thanks in advance

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    this seems a pretty solid list, i used one similar once and won both times in a 3-way battle between BoC, empire and dark elves, and a 4-way batlle between the same and a khorne mortal one. just some suggestions for finishing off

    hero=wargor with great weapon and chaos armour

    beastherd=the standard 12gors/8 ungors box-set unit size (there are reasons GW make box sets certain sizes. add full command as the champian gains +1 strength, +1 attack and +1 leadership for the unit (important for beastmens low ld)

    fighting herd=bestigors, have a 10 model minium, most people use 10 as the max aswell (no need to increasee trhe size anymore) have your wargor join the unit as they make good bodyguards.

    minotaurs=3 minotaurs with great weapons are good for 500 point battles.

    chariots=i used 1 a while ago in a small battle but can no longer find points for it in my 2000 edition, they are good for small battles so try to keep this in if you make any changes.

    all of this comes to around 577 if i added right, i would suggest getting rid of the minotaurs and giving the wargor and bestigors a mark, for a battle this size i would recommend khorne, and due toi leadership problems you may want to change it so that instead of the beastherd having full command, the khorneagors do.

    hope this helped. also there are many "debates" in the BoC sectipon that talk about which units are best for beastmen armies, and when they are best to use.

    i would look at the thread on bestigors and unit sizes whilst you finalise your choice.
    i am not a spammer, i merely post replies irrelevant to the topic

    there are three things that a beatsman loves to do, fight, drink and "a-hem" the sheep at the local empire settlements

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