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    Well I am already thinking on what I want to get for my next fantasy army. I was thinking of playing Beasts of Chaos because I like most of the models and I really want to get a dragon ogre shaggoth.

    However, I have heard from a couple of different people that when played by themselves, Beast of Chaos isnt a very strong army (at least the core choices). These people tell me that my best bet is to add in some Hordes of Chaos Mortals so that my army can have some staying power.

    I was just wondering if this is true? and if so do you think it is a good idea to mix beasts and mortals. Because personally I like to play pure armies without allies.

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    you dont NEED HoC, i prefer true BoC, not even wargear which people find strange.

    this whole thing about BoC not having strong core unit, which armies apart from OK and Hoc do, the beasts have rock solid special rare unit that coulkd tear aprt most other armies special and rare, im not too fond of the lordsa nd heros in BoC but i love the other units, trust me you DONT need HoC.

    also avoid the shaggoth im sure the disccusion about it is still here onb the forum somewhere so just look around to learn more about BoC units an see whther you like them.

    overall id say nthe best bet is to add BoC to a HoC army as they have some of the best generals and you only take a few beast herds as screens and some of the special units which would work out cheaper than the HoC ones.
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