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    Beasts of Chaos Army Selector

    Greetings Herd Brethren,

    What follows is a list of generic army compositions many Beastmen players employ. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but merely a starting place for new players.

    I’ll play anything, as long as it’s bull headed and tough!
    Minotaur only army

    Heroes: Doombulls, and some wargors / bray shamans to fill your remaining available hero slots.

    Units to Consider: Minotaurs (consider upgrading to same mark as your doombull general – my faves are Nurgle and Khorne), other minoatur sized gribblies like Chaos trolls, Chaos ogres, dragon ogres, a shaggoth and even Chaos giants.

    Playing Basics: This is a truly scary prospect, no other army can field so many large sized monsters apart from Ogre Kingdoms. Your minotaurs can hold their own and usually get a charge in against most foes. Other units like trolls, ogres and their like should be used to support their flanks once engaged. Also, against low Leadership armies, use your shaggoths and giants and their ability to cause terror to good effect, get them near their rank and file as soon as possible!

    The herd moves fast and strikes hard, leaving blood and gore in our wake.
    Fast moving cavalry based list

    Heroes: Doombull, Shaggoth Champion, Wargor or Bastlord in a Tuskgor chariot, Gorthor the Beastlord.

    Units to Consider: Minotaurs, centigors, warhounds, tuskgor chariots, shaggoths, dragon ogres, and beast herds.

    Playing Basics: You move quickly and strike lethally. Your beast herds can use their skirmishing ability to block opponent’s march moves while you move around with ease setting up flanking and forward charges to take down a unit at a time. Your herds are also great for adding even more to your CR score if need be.

    We’ll smash any weaklings without horns or hooves that come our way.
    Close combat specialist list

    Heroes: Wargors, Beastlords, Doombulls.

    Units to Consider: Beast herds, bestigor herds, minotaurs.

    Playing Basics: Once again, your beast herds ambush and harass the enemy flanks and rear, taking out war machines as quickly as possible. Bestigor’s charge into combat and take the brunt of the assault, while minotaurs work into flanking positions along with the beast herds and charge in.

    If you only knew the horrors at my disposal…
    Monstrous fun!

    Heroes: Doombull, Shaggoth Champion(of Slaanesh with a great weapon is my favourite, closely followed by one of Khorne with an additional hand weapon), and Khazrak the One-Eye.

    Units to Consider: Anything truly monstrous – chaos trolls, giants, ogres, minotaurs, dragon ogres, shaggoths, spawns, centigors, warhounds and a beast herd which would represent the creatures that have herder the monsters all together!

    Playing Basics: Your beast herds would bear the brunt of combat for this list, as everything else moves into flanking positions. Centigors should harass flanks with their throwing spears, and giants and shaggoths should spread terror through the opposing ranks to get panic checks happening as soon as possible.

    The beasts of the forest are wide and varied…
    Balanced list

    Heroes: A mix of all available characters.

    Units to Consider: Infantry - beast herds, bestigors; cavalry – centigors, dragon ogres, chariots, shaggoths; heavy hitting flankers – minotaurs, trolls, ogres, giants.

    Playing Basics: bestigors take and hold chargers along with beast herds if necessary while the remainder of your heavy hitting flankers get into charge position and do what they do best. Your quicker units and non-engaged beast herds can take care of war machines and take out isolated units on their own with combined charges.

    Behold the magic of the strong…
    Magic heavy list

    Heroes: Great Bray Shaman, Bray Shaman; beastlords, wargors, doombulls and dragon ogre shaggoths with the mark of Tzeentch, Morghur – Master of Skulls. Also, equip a shaman with the Staff of Darkoth for another bound spell in your magic phase.

    Units to Consider: Bestigors and minotaurs with the mark of Tzeentch, beast herds.

    Playing Basics: Your bestigors once again will hold back while your beast herds skirmish and harass your opponent’s rear and flanks. Position your minotaurs on either flank of your bestigors to ready them for a flank charge if close combat is joined. As your foes approach, magic them focusing on one unit at at time until they either panic or have been annihilated.

    I can’t keep my gors and ungors around with mere leaves!
    Beastmen on a budget

    Heroes: Beastlord, wargors, great bray shamans and bray shamans are the cheapest options as they are sold in individual blisters. If you can afford a bit more and plan on expanding into minotaurs, maybe get the doombull blister.

    Units to Consider: Beast herds (2-3 boxes), tuskgor chariot, your choice of a unit of trolls, ogres, minotaurs, or dragon ogres.

    Playing Basics: Your herds will harass an opponent’s flanks a while, and wen your chariot and other unit(s) you’ve chosen are in range, charge them in. If oyu win combat and outnumber your foe (and you’ve taken any of the trolls, dragon ogres, or minotaurs) you automatically win combat and more than likely chase down your foe.

    Any other types of lists that need to be added? :/

    The iron crowned is getting closer,
    Swings his hammer down on him,
    Like a thunderstorm he's crushing,
    Down the Noldor's proudest king.

    Under my foot, so hopeless it seems.
    You've troubled my day, now feel the pain.
    - Blind Guardian

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    very nice tactics 4 each type of army. I'm more of a fast moving army myself

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    Yea as a new beastmen player i feel your tatics will really help me

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    good stuff, maybe expand later in future articles

    me i heart speed, and sharp objects

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