I was recently looking through the beasts of chaos book, and read about the beastmen of other regions.

I looked over the possibilities, but i'm stumped as to how to convert some of these models. The apes are the only ones i could think of, but it would require a LOT of sculpting work and a LOT of money, as they'd likely be based on the Savage Orc models.

The tiger-headed ones i am also unsure about... beastmen models could be used, but the head would likely need to be sculpted from scratch, as well as teh hooves be covered by 'paws'.

But i was particularly curious about the scaled, elven-sized ones that raid the Dark Elves.

Would someone have any idea on how to convert these beastmen? The best idea i can come up with is using the Dark Elf Witch elves and lizardmen skinks as gors/ungors... anyone else have any ideas for it? or even any of the other beastmen mentioned?