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    Tempted to throw a mortal into my beasts list.

    Well, I'm still trying to get my Beasts of Chaos list in working order and I'm being tempted to add in a mortal hero and a unit to go with them.

    Specifically an aspiring champion to be my Battle Standard Bearer.

    The Beastlord is staying in as he is needed, both for his horn to summon in the ambushing herds, and because he's a steal for the points.

    The Bray Shaman's I'm similarly happy with. For minimal points, he can dish out a fair amount of magical goodness, and stay alive when fighting rank and file, provided I equip him with Chaos Armour and wield the Braystaff wisely.

    However, I'm always disappointed in my Wargor/Army Battle Standard bearer. Its basically his lack of either strength 5 or a decent armour save that's getting to me.

    When comparing a Wargor to a mortal Aspiring Champion I'm finding that the AC wins out in all stats except wounds where they tie and movement where the wargor wins out. Oh, and the AC comes with free chaos armour, all for only 20 points more than the wargor.

    Admittedly he doesn't count as an ambushing unit, but I've never ambushed with my armies battle standard anyways. I always want it on the board to give me those leadership rerolls I need so much.

    Now I admit that it would look kinda silly having an AC in the same unit as say, the Bestigors, where I typically have my army battle standard, so he'd need a unit of either chaos warriors or marauders to hang out with.

    I feel that marauders are out of the question, as I have enough horde troops with the beatsmen, and it would be nice to have at least one unit that can take a charge and not break.

    I'm not 100% certain that the rest of the army can benefit from the mortal's ABS though as he is technically from a different list.

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    I agree that point for point I think an AC is probably better than a wargor stat-wise. However, I have had a lot of success with a wargor as a BSB. I used one in a magic heavy army and gave him the mark of tzeench and a banner of wrath. I would stick him in an ambushing unit with my brayshaman with a staff of darkoth. The enemy will (if possible) dispell the staff of darkoth. Which leaves you 4 levels of magic and a bound spell to assault him with less resistence. My current incarnation of the same army I stick him wit the ambushers with that prey seekr (I suck at dice rolling) but have also tried it with the beast banner, the flesh ban ner and the bitriolic totem with much success. As far as keeping him out of ambushers. In my doombull army, I use him with the banner of the gods (which I know makes him really pricey) but it makes units within 6" stubborn with a reroll for break tests. I then keep him behind my units so that he never even makes it into combat but is close enough to lead a mindful word. I never really expect BSB to do much in combat because they can't be fitted with upgrades which does make the AC nice but I think the 20 points you save can be put to good use.

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