So, my friends and I have been running a campaign and Im using my Slaaneshi beasts. So far, Im 8-2, doing fairly well. I've been using mega beast herds, and slowly bringing in my Shaggoth and Minotaurs. Against the Orcs I have been doing amazing, Tomb Kings Ive been fairing well, High Elves pretty good, but the Dwarfs and Lizardmen I've been doing pretty badly. I beat the Dwarfs, but I fear this wont last long, and the Lizardmen I've yet to beat. I have to face the Lizardmen next, and am not sure what to do. I know his list will consist of swarms, salamanders, kroxigors and saurus. I use 2 beast herds, 3 minos, a chariot, shaggoth and wargor. Any tactics, or alternate unit choices? Maybe even items that I could be using? I also have bestigors and a bray shaman even another wargor at my disposal.