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Thread: Beast General

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    Beast General

    What's the general concensus on the beast general at 2000 ? I am toying around witht he beast of chaos, either to expand my current mortal chaos army and possibly a stand alone beast army.

    Here's what it think, and I would appreciate id you fellow Wargors and Shamans help me pick the right one.

    The Beast Lord. Be the cheapest, but will only provide a whooping 8 leadership, and I tend to like a 9 or 10 unless I field a very large horde. What's this guys up sides ?

    Deamon General. A leadership of 9, flight and terror, without bieng a large target. good stuff IMO. Downside, this is rarely fluffy, unless you field a good 2-3 units of daemons, and he can't join or hide near beast herds.

    Doombull. Again a high 9, tough guy, whit high offensive skills, but very limited on defense. Needs a unit of minotaurs to hide in though, wich can make is leadership harder to use, as they don't make a good center piece.

    The Great Shaman. Low leadership, access to 4 levels of magic. A beast lord with mark of Tzeench can do the same, but will be limited to the lore of tzeench wich is very limited in use compared to shadows or fire.

    Shaggot Lord. Big and Mean, this guys is a killer, with a high leadership to boot. Problem is, a large target can't hide that much, and lacks a ward save (unless you amke him Tzeench and get the right spell, but eh.)

    Chaos Lord. The cheesy path. Good in the Chaos list, but gets better in an army where a tough general is needed.

    Chaos Exalted Sorcerer. Wierd enough, this guy doesn't that bad in a beast army, with is leadership of 8, and again access to various lores of magic.

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    Well, if you plan on playing magic...I highly recommend the beastlord with mark of tzeench...then throw in a level 2 shaman or 2 and another wargor with lore of tzeench. The nice thing about the beasltord is the ability to ambush. And granted leadership 8 isn't so good in an is still better than the 7 most of the units will be rolling with. I have a magic army with a tzeench beastlord. And a doombull army with all bigger models and heavy hitters. The magic is definately better.

    As far as the other choices. Stay clear of mortal generals. A daemonic general can be ok if you take daemonic gift from the beasts book and also model him to be quite beastly.

    I've tried the shaggoth as a lord and he blows. I too was drawn in by his leadership but as a model he only works well as a flanker which means he works better on the sides of your army and not in the middle where other guys can use his leadership. The doombull is a much better choice if you feel you have to have the leadership 9. The doombull can quite awesome. You can get a 3+ armour save in CC. Or if you want a magic weapon you can still get a 4+. I run him undivided but if you go with nurgle, shield, heavy armour, and the blade of blood. Then you got T5 and a possibility of 10 wounds.

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