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Thread: Starting BoC

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    Starting BoC

    Hey guys,

    I just desided to pick up WHFB again, i haven't played in years, and i though that BoC looked really cool. Plus they look like they have alot of potential for creativity when it come to colour schemes. ANyway i have about enough for the codec and a box set of beastmen, funds are tight being a college student, but i did find a box of marauders from my earlier days of WH. So my question is this, is it ok to have a regiment of marauders in a low level army (1000 pts). As i said this would be because of money more than anything else.

    Oh and how to BoC fair without any real sort of ranged units? do they rely on magic to shut it down?


    P.S. I dont want to go HoC because i want to play a beast army, it was a choice between skaven, lizard men and, was finding the marauders that tipped me to toward BoC and the monster selection they get.

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    As far as the choice between HoC and BoC I think you made a better one in terms of both adaptability and strength. HoC needs to dip severely into BoC to get the necessary support units it so desperately needs.

    Though not one of the most powerful armies in WHFB (being in the upper middle), I think Beasts are probably the most balanced. They are able to dominate the movement phase with their good speed and the ambush ability (our main advantage). We push things back with out quick, reliable CC units, but push them forward as they know they'll have to face rear charges too.

    Beasts are a chaos army, and so are CC specialists. They lack the ranks of ranked infantry and the hitting power of a lot of other armies' elite infantry, but we more that make up with it with our two best units: herds and monsters. Herds are in my opinion the best troop choice in the game. They have a good T and WS on Gors, and Ungors make sure they get into combat, taking the wounds for the squad. Though only S3, they have two attacks, will most likely get the charge, and with a character and champion can do some wounds (4 or 5 against all but 3+ saves and better). Add this to 360 deg line of sight and a potential +4 bonus (2 ranks, outnumber, standard) and maybe a flank, and you've got a solid unit. The best things we have to go with our herds are our monsters and chariots. Minotaurs, Dragon Ogres and Chariots all provide fast, heavy hitting support. A combo charge of a herd and one of these will pretty much win any combat against anything.

    The shooting phase is of course where we do little. We can't take it quite as well as say Dwarves or Brettonians, but we can take it quite well. Hounds are a cheap and effective screen, and even herds can be used to screen precious units as they're skirmishers, and so harder to hit. I find that shooting isn't a problem because we are an army full of threats, but none too scary. We have no Chaos Knights as an obvious target, instead we have a little of one-two punch units that cannot be ignored, but none can be prioritised for any good reason.

    Magic sits quite well with us, and a beast army can go a good way to getting the upper-hand in this phase. Obviously Lizardmen, Undead and Elves will have the upper hand, but Bray Shamans are fairly cheap and effective at things besides combat, and Beast and Shadow are the two best Lores these days (besides Slaanesh), so we have access to all the best. And we have some nice arcane and enchanted items to boost our effectiveness.

    I think Beasts are a truly great army. A little difficult to start off with, but very rewarding when you get the hang of them.
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