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    Just Starting Out

    Hello there, my name is Lynn, and I've just recently started working on a Beasts of Chaos Army for Warhammer Fantasy.

    I have been looking into playing for a little over a year now, and have just now started collecting my army. Currently the only units i possess are 3 beast herds, a bestigor herd, a wargor, and a shaman (basically the starter army offered by Games-Workshop)

    As i am just starting out, any information that could be given on how i may set up my army that i have now would be greatly apprieciated as I have yet to play. ((Not entirely sure how relevant this is to any information i could recieve, but i want the entire army to follow Slaanesh, so if this effects strategy at all I'll point this out.))

    I am looking to see if anyone could possibly give me feedback on the models that i would like to include in my army; things such as tactics that i could use and how best it may be to field them. From what i've looked at i think that these are pretty fair picks, but at the same time i also have no experience, so i could just be blowing hot air. Judged on what i have chosen i think i may be leaning towards a faster army.

    These are the models I'd like to add after i get more familiar with the game:

    Bestigor Command

    Warhounds of Chaos

    2 Spawn of Chaos

    Centigor regiment

    minotaur w/great weapon regiment set

    2 Tuskor Chariot

    Also, if i could get suggestions in which order i aught to invest in the addition of these pieces that would be a great help-minus the spawn, as i'm going to scratch build them from sculpey and bitz.

    Thank you for your input and i hope to have something to add to the community within time.

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    Welcome to LO, Lynn!

    I'm not sure about two spawn. I'm accustomed to seeing people just one one.

    The chariots are a nice addition. Chariots are tough to deal with and present a real threat in any army.

    And I like the warhounds for their speed. Just don't get too carried away with running them out unsupported.

    In the Beasts of Chaos index there's a nice discussion of some unit choices, but the link is broken until Blackhat gets the site transferred to its new server (which should be any day). I'd check there once you see the URL changed back to librarium-online.
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