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    Nov 2005
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    45 (x2)

    2250 Bretts competitive

    Lord- 200
    Virtue of Knightly Temper
    Tress of Isolude

    Paladin BSB- 122
    Virtue of Discipline

    Paladin- 107
    Virtue of Empathy
    Birth Sword of Carcassonne

    Paladin- 164
    Enchanted Shield
    Virtue of Heroism

    Damsel- 115
    Chalice of Mafleur

    8 KotR- 241 (Lord's Unit)
    Conqueror's Tapestry

    8 KotR- 216 (BSB's temporary unit)

    X2 24 M@A- 135 (Paladin and damsel's units)

    X2 10 Peasant Bowmen

    Grail Reliquae + 16 Peasants- 208

    3 Pegasus Knights

    Field Trebuchet

    5 Grail Knights- 220

    117 models
    3 Power Dice
    3-4 Dispell Dice+ scroll

    2009 Tourny records (W-L-D) (20-4-4):
    9/56, 1/12, 2/14, 4/14, 32/82, 1/6, 16/72

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    Its a good army
    I guess ur not so good at the defense against magic
    try to improve that
    and you will win
    Bretons for the win
    Dark Elf General

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    35 (x1)

    I like the unit selection. You take a good variety to the field (we are quite similar in that regard) and because of this your list is fairly flexible. The mix of heavy cavalry, flying units, ranged units, and infantry blocks allow you be responsive to the enemy's deployment and tactics.

    However, your character builds bug me. They seem haphazardly equipped. With five heroes, you are certainly using the Bretonnian army list to its fullest potential. I think that you could have some better combos.

    Many of my favorite characters incorporate common magic items. I think that they can add a lot to Bret heroes. I have been a firm believer in a couple of builds. Here are some examples of my common combos (some items are repeated because they don't go in the same list).

    BSB (124pts): sword of might, gromril great helm, steed
    This setup affords your BSB a great deal of protection while giving the unit he's with a little added kick. I haven't yet sallied forth without this build and it hasn't let me down. If you like to stack the res bonuses just move the warbanner to the unit's standard bearer.

    Paladin (128pts): armor of agilulf, sword of battle, lance, steed
    I love that magic armor. WS10 gives gives you an edge offensively and defensively. He has a good save, good striking power on the charge, and his sword can help out a lot in the second round of combat. If you don't like the sword, try a virtue such as jousting or confidence to make him a line breaker.

    Paladin (105pts): virtue of empathy, enchanted shield, sword of battle
    Looks like a pretty average character, but he adds a lot to a unit of Bret infantry. This guy isn't meant to take on the enemy's best fighters; he is supposed to be a dependable Ld base with a high number of relatively high WS attacks. If you don't like the sword of battle on this guy, an interesting trade is the antlers of the great stag. Your sluggish men-at-arms might be able to chase down even the swiftest enemies.

    Lord (240pts): virtue of confidence, gromril great helm, birth-sword, gauntlet of the duel, lance, shield, steed
    Here's mean challange-based character, he packs a lot of punch and rerolls just about everything.

    Depending upon your usual opponents and playing style, a little more magic defense might be in order.
    Last edited by Rhoaran; October 28th, 2008 at 01:03.
    "...and thee shall know the Emperor's might when thy enemies fall before thy guns. No crude Orkish blade can pierce thy anointed armor, nor any twisted alien resist the sting of thy sword." ~Major Kaelen Rhodes

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