First of all, sorry for posting Kislev here. After posting in the Empire forum, I decided to also post here since the Bretonnia style seemed to fit closest to Kislev (if that was an error, please inform me). And I know my magic phase will be weak if I am pure kislev (among other things), but the army really appeals to me via the models, background, and the ice lore. Any suggestions within the limited Kislev units would be greatly appreciated. The website with the rulebook is here.

Tzarina Katarin

Boyar 118
Warhorse, heavy armor, enchanted shield, lance

Boyar 125
Warhorse, heavy armor, shield, talisman of protection, lance

Boyar 129
Warhorse, heavy armor, standard


Kossars x10
Kossars x10

Ungol Horse Archers x5
Ungol Horse Archers x5
Ungol Horse Archers x5
Ungol Horse Archers x5

(Katarin waivs the 0-1 GL restriction)

Gryphon Legion x6 196 (Boyar 1)
Full Command

Gryphon Legion x6 196 (Boyar 3)

Gryphon Legion x6 221 (Boyar 2)
Full Command, Warbanner

The idea is to split the boyars between the Gryphon Legions to grant similar bonuses from banners and give each unit stubborn. I'm coming from a lizardmen army, so any suggestions for tactics would be greatly appreciated!

Any suggestions, thoughts, or opinions? Thanks in advance. ;Y