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    2250 new to bret's

    Ok, I am new to bretonnians and was considering playing the following list.

    Lord - barded warhorse - the silver lance of the blessed - Cuirass of fortune - Virtue of discipline - knight's vow(goes with one of the knight of the realm units)

    Paladin - BSB - barded warhorse - Virtue of duty - banner of the lady - knight's vow(goes with one of the knight of the realm units)

    Damsel - level 2 - barded warhorse - chalice of malfleur - ruby goblet - (goes with the grail knights)

    Damsel - level 2 - the silver mirror - (goes with archers)

    20 men at arms - musician - banner - pole arm

    15 bowmen - musician - banner - skirmishers - braziers

    7 knights of the realm - full command - Conqueror's tapestry

    7 knights of the realm - full command - twillight banner

    5 pegasus knights - full command


    7 grail knights - banner of defence

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    For such a large pts list, you have few units. I think you have put too much in maxing out on magic items.

    All those Magic banners are not needed, and id say drop the Goblet and Mirror from the damsels. The mirror can be good... if an enemy mage is on 1 wound and manages to cast a key spell you really want to stop. otherwise its kinda wasted.

    The Knight Characters too, Banner of the Lady is great, but horrendously expensive. The Lord also being maxed out doesnt help the rest of the list much either. Unless you are really expecting your cahracters to win games for you, id look at toning them down a little.

    The Knight units are good, except id say remove the magical banners.

    Also i think your Grail Knights will be better off as a 5 strong unit, not run in Lance formation. Possibly give the Lord the Grail Vow and put him here too.

    I wouldnt have a Damsel with the Archers either, they should be atking on a more daring roll, annoying and tempting the enemy. Put the Damsel in the M@A unit, and add 4 pesants there.

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