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    New to the tourny scene- 2150 point list

    Okay so as the topic states I am new to tournaments so I have a lot to learn about tactics and such. I would like you all to evaluate my list and give your opinions on it. The tournaments I will be apart of have quite a few expierienced players so any tactical advice for this list is welcome. Thank you in advance.


    Lord- General, Heartwood Lance, Enchanted Shield, Mantle of Damsel Elena, Guantlet of the Duel, Virtue of Confidence


    Palidan- BSB, Virtue of Discipline, Banner of Chalons

    Damsel of the Lady- LV 2, Dispel Scroll X2


    Peasent Bowmen X15- Villein, Muscician, Standard Bearer, Skirmishers

    Knights Errant X9- Musician, Standard Bearer, Errantry Banner

    Knights of the Realm X9- Musician, Standard Bearer

    Knights of the Realm X9- Musician, Standard Bearer

    Pegasus Knights X5- Musician, Standard Bearer

    Grail Reliquae X12 Battle Pilgrims

    Grail Knights X5- Musician, Standard Bearer

    Field Trebuchet

    Anyway thats the list critisism is welcomed and advice is wanted. Thanks in advance.


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    As youre going magic defensive, drop the Lv2 from the Damsel. Id say lose a Scroll for the Chalice too.

    A Magic Weapon (BSoCarcasonne / SoMight) is nice on a BSB, and while Chalons can come in handy, just give it to the unit Standard bearer instead.

    5 Pegasi is a big unit, i think you'll need 4 at most if you're looking to get them all in base to base 4 is probably the best you'll get generally.

    Possibly drop the standards from the Pegasi and Grails. Look at making your Lord a Grail and having him with the rare unit.

    Strange to see only 3 Characters in a 2K Bret list if im honest.. but i suppose it does free up valuable pts to be used elsewhere.

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