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    2000 Pts of Limited Models

    This is the list I have made with all of my models except 2 Bowmen and a Man at Arms. So it is made with limited models and I won't lie, a still limited knowledge of the Bretonnia army and how to play it in a larger (not warband) level game. Another point I should make is that I did stretch it to make the 2000 pts... because it's a nice round number and it's easier to find people to play at 2000 pts (vs. 1700-1800 ).

    Lord (General 234 )(to be placed in the KotR )
    Virtue of Purity
    Questing vow
    Sword of the Quest
    Bret Warhorse
    Mantle of the Pure Breed

    Paladin (BSB 129 )(to be placed in the KotR )
    Banner of Chalons
    Vitrue of Discipline
    Dispell Scroll
    Bret Warhorse

    Paladin(120 ) (has a fluffy story so I KNOW he shouldn't be here but HE STAYS! )
    Questing Vow
    Virtue of Empathy
    Birth Sword

    Paladin(133 )(in the Knights Errant )
    Virtue of the Knightly Temper
    Bret Warhorse

    4 Grail Knights(170 )
    Full Command

    9 Knights of the Realm (265 )
    Full Command
    Twilight Banner

    8 Knights Errant (201 )
    Full Command
    Banner of Errantry

    3 Pegusas Knights (165 )
    Full Command

    2 12 Man Peasant Bowmen teams (96 (each))
    Full Command
    Light Armor

    11 Peasant Bowmen (89 )
    Full Command
    Light Armor

    11 Peasant Bowmen (78 )
    Full Command

    15 Men at Arms (102 )
    Full Command

    Trebuchet (100 )

    Again when you critique please remember this is limited to my actual models
    (24 mounted knights, 1 Footman (being used as a Pally on foot...),3 Pegusas Knights, 48 Bowmen, 16 Men At arms and a Trebuchet)

    Thanks for looking it over

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