Well, I am in the process of writing a tactica on good list design, and to this end, I am writing 2000pt lists to prove to myself that I can actually do decent list design.

This army will never be built, never be played or even conceived by me, but if someone likes what they see, feel free to steal it:

Lords and Heroes:

Lord: 252pts
Grail Vow
Heartwood Lance
Virtue of the Joust
Gromil Great Helm

Paladin: 109pts
Virtue of the Ideal

Damsel: 115pts
Chalace of Maelfleur
Dispel Scroll

Damsel: 120pts
2 Dispel Scrolls


8 Knights of the Realm: 216pts (Damsel here)
Full Command

7 Knights of the Realm: 192pts (Damsel and BSB here)
Full Command

10 Peasant Bowmen: 70pts

24 Men at Arms: 147pts
Full Command

24 Men at Arms: 147pts
Full Command


4 Pegasus Knights: 230pts

5 Mounted Yeoman: 82pts


5 Grail Knights: 230pts (Lord here)
Full Command
Banner of Chalons


Total: 2000pts
PD: 4
DD: 4-5 and 3 Scrolls

Let me know if I have achieved a good list, or whether it really sucks.

ninja out