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    3500 point list help needed ASAP (friendly, character heavy)

    This list is for a doubles match it's supposed to be as much as I can muster but I dont really want to add more than I have here as it will mean more paladins (run out of slots as well!) (essentially 3500 points max for the battle) I have until the 22nd of Jan to sort this so quick comments will be appreciated too!

    As for placing of the characters I'll explain that in the list.

    Green knight:

    BSB w/ warhorse, shield, grail virtue
    Paladin on foot w/ shield, virtue of empathy, ruby goblet
    Damsel w/ barded warhorse, level 2, 2 dispel scrolls
    Paladin w/ barded warhorse, shield, morning star of fracasse, grail
    Damsel w/ warhorse, level 2, 2 dispel scrolls
    Damsel w/ level 1, 2 dispel scrolls

    BSB and third paladin (one with the lance) go in the second unit of kotr. The damsel hides in some woods for the moment (possibly protected by the green knight)
    the paladin with morning star goes in the unit of 11 to hit larger character containing units.

    Core 4 units total total core: 862

    kotr 11 w/ full command
    kotr 8 w/gallant
    kotr 9 w/gallant

    knights errant, 6 w/ full command, erranty banner

    Special 6 units total special 742

    6 mtd w/ yeomen full command, shields
    maa 19 w/full command
    maa 16 w/full command

    16 Bowmen w/ full command
    16 Bowmen w/ banner
    20 Bowmen w/ full command, skirmish

    Total: 3382

    skirmish and light cav on flanks, maa to form a solid block behind skirmishers, bowmen on hills across the line to give fire.

    Soooo any advice or tips, I'm looking especially at the magic and virtues area, although all advice is welcomed. I need to beef this up a little to 3500 points so all comments appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


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