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    Bringing back the Brets 2250pts

    Hi, I haven't played in almost a year and a half and have a Brettonian army and my dice sitting around. The original idea started as MSU and it evolved into what I present to you here. It was successful in the past at 2500pts vs VC, O&G, Dwarves and TK; I think I will be hurting at 2250 since I stripped most of the Magic defense. I am always open to suggestions. Please help me get this up to par. Thanks!

    1st Lance:
    Lord Monte Cristo de Mousillon:
    -Grail Vow
    -Sword of Heroes
    -Gromril GH
    -Virtue of Audacity

    Lady Denise(lvl1):
    -Holy Icon

    7 Grail Knights of Mousillon:
    -FC w/ Twighlight Banner

    2nd Lance:
    Sir Lawrence of Lyonesse:
    -BSB w/ Valourous Standard
    -Virtue of the Ideal

    8 Knights Errant of Lyonesse
    -FC w/Errantry Banner

    3rd Lance:
    Sir Walker of Parravon (escorts Lance)
    -Grail Vow
    -Biting Blade
    -Armor of Agiluf
    -Virtue of Discipline

    Lady Elizabeth (lvl1):
    -Silver Mirror

    8 KotR of Parravon:
    -FC w/ War Banner

    3 Pegasus Knights of Parravon:
    -Champ, Musician

    4th Lance:
    5 KotR w/ Musician
    3x 5 KE w/ Musician

    Total: 2244pts

    Yes, I don't take fast Cav. I don't have one set way to deploy this army, it changes every game; but I do deploy with the intent to force my opponent to react/focus on my meaty units (IE the Grails).
    My small lances don't take banners for VP reasons, they serve to set up the enemy's flank or in the case of dwarves or empire, to screen my larger blocks from shooting. Haven't run into any serious problems with the BSB having Ideal and Valourous standard. The BSB usually hangs out around 7"-11" of the Smaller lances unless I am presented with an opprotunity.
    I enjoy the Paladin on Pegasus and Knights on Pegasus combo. Haven't had a problem versus opponents using the afore metioned armies. But have been accused Cheese when fighting WoC and DE; since both armies have been updated I don't think I will hear that anymore, but let me know what you think.
    I would love to hear any suggestions on equipment. Changing the models around will be a little more difficult as what you see here is pretty much everything I have. Thanks!

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    This Army looks like mine a lot. I run grail knights with a lord, bsb with Kof R, two paladins with 2 units of KofR, a damsel with errant knights. 5 yeoman and 3 flyers. All my blocks are knights of 8 size. I name my lords differently I do not use the book.

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